Difference Between Skin Tags and Genital Warts


Skin tags and genital warts are both common, but they each have distinctive characteristics that set them apart from each other. The many differences between skin tags and genital warts can be somewhat confusing, making these two skin conditions easily mistaken for the other. It is very important to understand each thoroughly to be better aware of the issues you are experiencing.

What Is A Skin Tag?

A skin tag can be caused by many things including age, pregnancy and obesity. Unlike genital warts, this is not a sexually transmitted disease. Skin tags appear as small, soft lumps on the surface of the skin. However, over time this tiny soft bump can grow in size. Sometimes skin tags are difficult to notice because they have a color that is identical to your skin tone. As it grows and protrudes, you often become more aware of the presence of skin tags.

Where Can You Find Skin Tags?

Skin tags can form on any part of the body. Some areas are more likely to develop skin tags due to sweating and the excessive amount of friction. The genitals, shoulders, neck, and hands are the most common area to have a skin tag.

What Are Genital Warts?

Genital warts are caused by a sexually transmitted disease and they are a serious condition that can be spread to your sexual partners. Genital warts appear to be a cluster of tiny bumps. They often look similar to cauliflower. Genital warts are preventable if you practice safe sex.

Where Can You Find Genital Warts?

Unlike skin tags, genital warts only appear in the genital area. However, this specific location changes depending on male or female. Men will find genital warts around the tip of the penis. Women will typically notice genital warts on the vulva or walls of the vagina. It is also possible to get genital warts in the throat or mouth if oral sex is performed.

What Are The Main Differences Between Skin Tags and Genital Warts?

Skin tags and genital warts might look slightly similar, but they are easy to distinguish from one another. Genital warts require medical attention, because they are caused by a more serious underlying disease. Skin tags are just a build up of excess skin, they are not dangerous and can be easily and painlessly removed.

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