Difference Between Juvederm and Restylane


In this world of never aging Beverly Hills housewives cosmetics procedures have become as normal as your morning coffee. People are constantly looking for a way to stay young and look young. The fountain of youth can be found in the form of an injectable filler which is sometimes referred to as dermal filler. Injectable/Dermal fillers are soft tissue fillers that fill in deep lines and plump up the face for a smoother appearance. These fillers are temporary since the body will eventually absorb them.


Juvederm is an injectable filler approved by the back in 2006. It is used to remove laugh/smile lines. It contains hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring substance found in skin, muscles and tendons. Since hyaluronic acid is natural the body will absorb it completely within a 6-9 month period. The patient at that time will need to get another treatment done to maintain their youthful appearance. Juvederm can also be used to plump the lips.

The reason Juvederm works so well is because hyaluronic acid can absorb up to 1000 times its weight in water. This is what adds volume to aging skin by binding with collagen. The side effects from Juvederm are usually what you would expect. There may be redness, pain, and tenderness that may occur during the injection process. There could also be bruising and swelling in the injection area. Occasionally a serious side effect can occur in the immune system causing lumps in the treated area. Juvederm should not be used by people that suffer from severe allergies.

Juvederm is a smooth textured compound that comes in different intensity levels. Making it a top choice of dermal fillers, for the lips. The results of Juvederm tend to last 6-12 months and it costs between $450-$600 per treatment.


Restylane was first to the market in the injectable filler arena. It contains hyaluronic acid and is approved by the . It can be used for enhancing lips, diminishing wrinkles and “crow’s feet.” It revitalizes the skin by increasing elasticity. Restylane is harder to mold so it makes it perfect for the under eye area. It comes in different intensities to treat various areas of the face.

Restylane takes 30 minutes to inject and is a quick process. The results last 6-12 months and treatment runs between $650-$800. Restylane is a pretty versatile product and can be used on several parts of the face. Though should one of the typical side effects occur, it can take up to 3 days for it to subside.

Juvederm and Restylane are pretty much identical in how they work. Restylane has been on the market longer and thus has more of a trust behind it. It isn’t as malleable as Juvederm so it can be used in many different places. They are both safe and cause little to no side effects. The end results last about the same about of time. So it basically comes down to what you and your doctor think is best for your situation.