Difference Between Blender and Nutribullet


The Nutribullet is now very popular all over the world due to its powerful food blasting properties that will chop up the ingredients you put into it like they were made out of melting ice. If you’re not familiar with the whole Nutribullet fever yet, it basically gets ingredients you place in it cut down so badly they get to their most nutritious state.

The Nutribullet

While in a regular blender you end up having a lot of fibers and a lot of other components not liquefied by the machine, Nutribullet completely blasts away all of these fibers and components in order to break food down to its most nutritious state possible. To put it simply, traditional blenders simply break down the ingredients you place in them to a certain point, and from that point on, all they do is mix around the ingredients. With Nutribullet, these ingredients are broken down until they are completely liquid and an incredibly smooth smoothie.

The Vitamix

But there are, however, highly competitive blender companies such as Vitamix, the is incredibly well established and manages to put out there blenders that manage to have a 2 peak horsepower motor. These blenders certainly don’t just mix ingredients around, and are actually a lot better than Nutribullet when it comes to power. But then again, they are a lot more expensive and, even though they are a bit better than Nutribullet, they are given great competition by it at relatively lower prices.

Components and Features

Furthermore, the Nutribullet blender is also surprisingly versatile. From what they are, a company that sells blenders that break down food to the most nutritious state possible, you’d think these blenders are good for smoothies with fruit and broccoli. But they’re far from it: you can actually use Nutribullet to turn rice into rice flour, that’s how powerful it is. Now, with some imagination and all that power, I really don’t have to tell you that the possibilities are endless.

The downside of Nutribullet however is that they do not offer great warranty as they should – maybe because the product won’t last too long, or maybe because they don’t need to waste their time on warranties when they could be making smoothies. Nutribullet’s competitors such a Vitamix do offer better warranty than what they do, which will certainly end up taking a toll on their sales.

But then again, Nutribullet is a lot more affordable than Vitamix and other blender selling companies that offer the same quality. Other companies that match their prices are really just not as good as they are, and can’t turn a pile of vegetables into a true smoothie, but will rather end up mixing ingredients over and over again instead of actually blending them.