Difference Between Omega 3 and DHA


Whether you believe it or not, our brain is a muscle that needs to be taken care of, similarly to all of the other muscles that we have on our bodies. As such, you need to exercise it regularly (we do it on a regular basis) and you need to give it the nutrients and the vitamins it needs to thrive.

One of the things that our brain needs to survive is Omega-3 fatty acids. These are incredibly important to the brain and, unfortunately, our body cannot produce some of the components of these fatty acids and, as such, we need to eat foods rich in them in order for us to be able to get them in our system.

There is a wide variety of benefits associated with eating omega-3 fatty acids, and these are almost all prevalent in the brain. Omega-3 has a component called DHA and this one of the most prevalent acids you have in your brain. This is why you need a large supply of omega-3 in order to keep your brain healthy.

Omega-3 has three major components: DHA, EPA, and ALA. Out of these, it is incredibly hard to actually pick the most important one, but we are going to specifically look at DHA, since this is the one we choose to focus on in this article.

DHA helps your brain and your eyes develop and keep up their functions throughout life, but it doesn’t stop there. DHA also supports the health of your heart and these benefits are so good that DHA is also found naturally in breast milk. It is essential for human survival.

EPA helps overall health, it isn’t stored by the body in significant amounts, unlike DHA, but it is still important for the brain to develop. While we can find DHA in every cell we have in the brain, EPA isn’t found in every single cell, but it is also very important.

On the other hand, ALA is a component found in omega-3 that essentially works as a source of energy that allows the other two components, EPA and DHA to do what they need to do. It is also important, but not for us, for the acids themselves.

Essentially, while you are aiming for optimal brain health that will allow you to live a healthy life throughout the years, especially when you get older and need the nutrients and vitamins to keep disease and degeneration away, eating omega-3 is an amazing solution to keep your up and running for a long, long time. Due to its main component, DHA, omega-3 is going to help you keep optimal brain health, which will, in return, give you a better quality of life.