Difference Between Mental Disorder and Mental Illness

Difference Between Mental Disorder and Mental Illness

The brain is the most valuable, precious body part that we possess as humans. Unless we are able to take good care of it, life becomes a much more difficult struggle. While some may believe that a mental disorder and a mental illness are one and the same, there are many crucial differences between the two.

Mental Disorder

A mental disorder deals with the concept of psychological health, whereas a mental illness is much different. For example, a person may become distressed and overly anxious. A patient who has never experienced any sort of mental illness can develop a mental disorder over the course of time.

You may struggle from excessive shyness in public situations or not be able to socialize in a manner that society deems acceptable. As a result, you rely on alcoholic beverages or marijuana to help ease your tension during these interactions and encounters. This is a mental disorder.

Mental disorders can result from the presence of numerous mental illnesses, whereas a mental illness is typically treated as one major condition by physicians. Those who are properly diagnosed and receive treatment for their mental disorders often learn that they require a dual diagnosis for a series of different disorders.

A mental disorder is not always immediately evident and many people who have mental disorders remain very high functioning. In many instances, the person may not even realize that they suffer from a disorder until they are told by a close friend, loved one or a trained medical professional.

While a mental disorder can be realized by the person and in certain instances, alleviated or treated at home by altering one’s lifestyle, a mental illness always requires medical intervention and is usually more obvious to an outside observer. Mental illness requires medication, a course of treatment specifically designed for the patient’s needs and a patient medical team.

Mental Illness

Someone who has a mental illness is not always able to subsist in modern society without help, while a person who suffers from a mental disorder may falsely believe that they do not have a problem. A patient who has extremely low self esteem may turn to drugs and alcohol to cope, but this carries much less of a social stigma and most would not believe that the person needs help.

In summation, a mental illness is typically present from childbirth, while a mental disorder reveals itself over the course of time. A mental illness aggravates a person’s ability to live a normal life at a very rapid pace. A mental disorder takes place when a patient begins to experience thoughts and feelings that interfere with their chances of living a normal lifestyle. A person who is experiencing any sort of thought process or feeling that keeps them from proceeding normally should visit a mental health professional as soon as possible.