Difference Between Medical Billing and Coding

Difference Between Medical Billing and Coding

The difference is substantial between these two different areas of the medical field. Both are very important to the proper payment by the medical insurance companies. Both need to know about Anatomy and also need to interact with physicians and other medical staff.

Medical Biller

This is where the real difference begins to become apparent. The medical biller works more with insurance companies and patients making sure the companies pay the claims. The medical biller is responsible for submitting the proper paperwork so that the doctor and office gets paid for their services to the patient. The medical biller works more with people than the medical coder.

The medical biller has to be more of a people person then a medical coder. The medical biller works with patients and the Insurance providers to make sure everyone is paid. If there is a question from the patient the biller has to be good at communicating with them and following up on why their claim was not paid. Dealing with angry patients and all the red tape of insurance companies is very much a reality for the medical billing expert. He is very important for getting the bills paid.

Medical Coder

The medical coding expert in comparison to the medical biller does not have to deal with the patient or the insurance companies on a personal level very much. The coding expert is more responsible for the coding of information of the patients medical visit to the doctor’s office.

The medical coder works with data which includes codes to document what medical procedures have taken place in the medical office. When a procedure is performed the medical coder uses special codes to document what has happened on the visit. Most of the time they deal with medical data and not so much people.

The medical coder actually translates the information from the patient visit using specialized codes. Each test, examination or corrective action is documented using a coding system. The coder is trained to be able to read and interpret information written by a Healthcare professional. The healthcare professional can include Physicians, nurses along with others. The medical billing expert uses codes also but they are used to communicate medical data to the insurance companies for reimbursement.

Characteristics Needed for the Position

Both of these jobs require analytical details but the medical biller has to deal more with people and the problems they encounter during their medical examinations and procedures.

The medical biller is more concerned with handling the money aspect of the medical establishment. The medical coder is not so much concerned with the monetary aspect but the exact details of your visit to the doctor’s office. Both positions are good for not having to deal with bodily fluids of the patient. If you are a people person then you might want to choose the medical billing career as this is essential for this position.