Difference Between Insanity and P90X


P90X or Insanity? Which one is better for you? Both exercise programs promise a full-body workout with intense training and activity. Insanity promises results in sixty days, while P90X offers a ninety day program.


This program has variety and different levels for your own personal needs and physical activity level. They offer a base plan that offers twelve workouts and an introductory video that tells you how to begin your own personal program. In addition you will get a nutrition guide and fitness guide with calendar.

P90X also offers advanced systems they call deluxe and ultimate. The deluxe system has the same base program products but also adds a thirty day supply of their specialized after-workout drink, resistance bands in three grades and a chin-up bar of gym quality.

The third program, the ultimate offers all the items in the deluxe system but also includes five additional workouts and Tony Horton’s Power Stands to enhance your pushup experience.


Insanity is another intense sweat-intensive exercise program like P90X. There is only one version of this program, offering ten DVD workout disks, each with a more intense workout than the one before. This program actually prides itself on the ‘insanity’ of the workout routines.

Although there is only one workout program offered through the Insanity system, it is blocked off in weekly progressions. You will be exposed to sixty days’ worth of intense workouts that are created to develop muscle mass and burn calories.

Insanity offers for additional bonuses with the purchase of their system. The bonuses include a calendar to keep track of your progress, a quick-start video to show you what you can expect to see as you progress through the system. You will also get a nutrition plan that spans sixty days as well as online support to help boost your self-confidence and reach your goals.


Both the base P90X and Insanity have the same cost, three monthly payments of $39.95, so the cost is not a factor. The difference comes when you wish to upgrade. Insanity does not have an upgrade. You only have the one choice. The P90X deluxe system will cost a great deal more than the base at three monthly payments of $79.90 each and the ultimate system runs $109.85.


P90X has a ninety day money-back guarantee, while Insanity gives you a sixty day money-back guarantee. These two guarantees make sense as they fulfill the promise to their customers that they should see the results they expect within those same two time frames.

There are subtle differences between the two programs. P90X offers physical exercise equipment with their program, and Insanity offers intense physical exercise without the addition of the equipment.

Both programs offer an intense workout, so you should be certain your own physical activity level can accommodate the requirements of the systems.