Difference Between Antiperspirant and Deodorant


There are many hygiene products on the market today that are designed to allow you to smell and look better. These various products have a wide range of names and it can be difficult to know which product will be most effective. Two of the products that you most likely will run into when you walk down the hygiene aisle are antiperspirant and deodorant. These two products both appear to do the same thing, but they have some vital differences. Knowing the difference between these two products is crucial to ensure that you are always smelling the best you possibly can.


Antiperspirant is designed to ensure that you do not perspire. Sweating is a natural cooling process, but it also can make you look extremely embarrassing in public. Antiperspirants are designed to prevent your sweating and the allow you to stop sweating by clogging your bodies pores. Typically this is done by utilizing salts and aluminum. These chemicals work as astringents and keep your body from sweating. The astringents in these antiperspirants bind your skin together in order to clog your pores. This prevents sweat from coming out of your body in any form.

Antiperspirants can be confused with deodorants for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons why they are confused with deodorants is the fact that they look like deodorants on the aisle. They are both typically sold in roll on or spray on forms, which make them extremely easy to confuse. Antiperspirants are also typically packed with a variety of different fragrances. This makes these hygiene products appear to be deodorants because deodorants often have extremely strong scents as well.

Because of the chemicals within Antiperspirants there are some risks that come from using these particular products. Some of these chemicals have not been properly utilized and it can be risky to continue using these. Some antiperspirants are known to have an impact on your clothing. Because antiperspirants impact the health of your skin and can stain clothing, it is extremely important to only apply antiperspirants in situations in which you actually have a problem with excessive amounts of sweat on your body. Antiperspirants can be an extremely valuable tool for preventing sweat marks, but antiperspirant must be used extremely wisely in order to ensure that you do not have an excessive amount of stains on your clothes and can prevent damage to your skin and your health.

Many people choose to wear antiperspirants because they believe that sweat is the reason why they have body odor. Body odor is actually caused by the bacteria that are attracted to the moisture on your body. This bacteria will grow as long as there is moisture on your body. Bacteria is the actual culprit of your body odor.


Deodorant attacks your body odor in an entirely different way. Deodorant attacks your body odor by controlling the smell of the odor itself. Deodorant often does this through the use of a strong scent.

Deodorant also utilizes the power of bacteria fighting chemicals. One of the most common chemicals that is utilized in deodorant is alcohol. Alcohol is well known for its’ bacteria fighting properties. These properties allow the deodorant to quickly and easily eliminate bacteria from the surface. Since the bacteria is what is causing the odor deodorant is able to prevent the odor from actually happening.

Rather than focusing primarily on eliminating sweat, deodorant primarily focuses on eliminating the odor itself by facing off against the odor causing bacteria on your body. This is a more effective way, but it does leave the problem of sweat as a potential worrier for those that are wearing deodorant.

Knowing whether you need deodorant or antiperspirant is a largely a situational issue. Do you sweat a lot? To the point that it is noticeable by the end of the day.

Which Option is Best for You?

If you sweat a great deal, then you will likely find that it is important for you to utilize some form of antiperspirant in order to prevent your body from sweating and publicly embarrassing you. This antiperspirant can keep your from embarrassing yourself. You should use the antiperspirant sparingly and only on the areas that actually do sweat a great deal. This will minimize the risk to your clothes and to your body that antiperspirants are known for.

If you mostly are concerned with preventing body order, then you should find a high quality deodorant that will be easy for you to quickly and easily prevent yourself from smelling bad after a long day at work.

When looking for a deodorant be sure that you do not grab a deodorant antiperspirant combo as that will defeat the purpose of putting in all that energy on the local hygiene aisle. You put a lot of energy into ensuring that you are getting the product that you actually want.

Deodorant and antiperspirant are both common tools that are used to prevent body odor, but they have some very key differences. If you would like to ensure that you are getting the best possible product, then you should make sure that you know what you are looking for out of your hygiene product and then purchase the product to meet that specific goal. This will ensure that your body looks and smells the way you want it to at all times. Be sure to always remember the differences between deodorant and antiperspirant, so you can ensure that you get the product you need.