Dangers of Smart Meters

There are studies that provide scientific and medical evidence with regard to dangers of smart meters. There are a lot of people who install smart meters particularly in Europe and North America. Scientists have documented the cases which are related to the exposure effects to smart meters. However, the reports about the bad effects of smart meters have just been known to a lot of consumers just recently.

How It Is Used

The utilization of smart meters is strongly associated with some serious health problems, and one of these is brain cancer. Studies show that it will take up to 30 years for an exposed person to have brain cancer. However, it does not mean that the use of cell phones is truly safe. The link between brain cancer and the long term use of cell phones primarily comes from Northern Europe. In 1990s, cell phones where already used in this area that is why it can be considered as a concrete evidence why the use of cell phones for a long time can be associated with brain cancer.

Children are particularly at risk. In 2012, the Office of National Statistics in the UK reported the 50% increase in the cases of temporal and frontal lobe tumors among children between 1999 and 2009. Smart meters emit radio frequency radiation which is classified as a 2B human carcinogen. This must be sufficiently compelling for you to reduce the exposure of your loved ones to radio frequency radiation as much as possible. This vital step is now taken in some countries such as the United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Belgium and Austria.

What Can They Cause?

It is a fact that radio frequency radiation or microwaves do not have enough energy to destroy chemical bonds directly. However, this form of energy can damage your DNA with the combination of biological effects. This will lead to cancer and other serious health problems. When free radicals are generated, there will be an increased permeability of the blood barrier in the brain. When this happens, toxic chemicals will be able to enter the brain. Other dangers of smart meters include altered metabolic and electrical activity in the brain of humans and gene induction. Smart meters produce RF/microwaves which are similar to those emitted by cell phones.

Other Effects

Other bad effects of smart meters include the symptoms of electro hypersentivity. The cellular membranes of your body will be destroyed and calcium ions will also be lost. When you are exposed to high frequencies produced by smart meters, you may suffer cellular malfunction or even death. Your parathyroid gland may also malfunction when you are exposed to such high frequencies for quite a long time. In addition to, RF/microwaves released by smart meters can also decrease the melatonin production of your body. Melatonin is responsible for protecting you against cancer. Without it, the growth of cancer cells which have existed will be promoted.

The dangers of smart meters are truly alarming. That is why medical experts and scientists recommend that Precautionary Principle when it comes to the use of smart meters be applied as soon as possible. The use of wired meters is the most recommended solution for this issue. This will surely reduce the exposure of humans to these biologically inappropriate high frequencies. The authorities must be able to develop and implement best practices to reduce exposure and health risks.

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