Dangers of Microwave Ovens


Microwave oven is one of the useful pieces of household equipment that many people use. However, according to some relevant research and studies, it showed that microwave can cause some danger to people by means of the way it works. Using microwave ovens can destroy the molecular structure and nutrients of the food. Too much use of microwave to either bake or heat foods can kill the nutrients of the food. Such scenario can cause some problems regarding people’s immune system over a long period of time. It is important that you know the possible dangers of microwave ovens.


Radiation of the oven- It is estimated that almost more than 65% households around the world use microwave ovens. People use microwave ovens for preparing some meals and foods. Some people love to use it because it is energy efficient, convenient and easy to use. Radiation from the microwave oven is relatively not good for the human body. There are some reports that said using a microwave oven can cause some changes to the overall structure of the foods. Using microwave may also lead you to absorb exposure from microwave radiation. Too much exposure from radiation can cause some health problems.

The use of microwave oven to prepare foods for your baby is very dangerous. Microwaves can heat the food immediately however it is not suitable to use for heating baby’s food or bottle. Too much heat can burn the mouth and throat of your baby. Heating milk bottle using microwave oven is not advisable because there is a tendency of steam building that can cause explosion. Using microwave oven to heat the baby’s milk is not good because it can cause some changes in the structure and component of the baby’s milk.

Some studies show that using microwave can trigger that manifestation of some health related problems such as high blood pressure, chronic excitation, eye pain, irritability, stomachache, inability to concentrate, hair loss, dizziness, headache, reproductive problems, cataracts, appendicitis and many more.

Improper microwave usage and negligence can also cause occurrence of some accidents such as fire and many more. It is important that you use microwave properly to avoid some problems.

Microwave oven Controversies

Microwave oven relatively became very useful and effective household equipment. However, some researches and studies showed that microwave oven can cause some possible risks to the health and life of the people. Some people also reported some risk caused by usage of microwave oven. Some people fear that use of microwave oven will cause some hazard and danger to the lives of all people. It is important that if you will buy microwave oven, you must know whether the item passed some standards set by some appliances regulatory team.

How to reduce the risk?

You can reduce the negative impacts of using microwave through many ways. Here are some useful tips that you can use to reduce the negative manifestations of microwave oven:

-Regular usage of microwave oven is not good. If possible cook your foods through the typical way. Set some time when to cook your foods. By that way, you do not need to cook using a microwave oven.
-If you think you really need microwave oven then you must buy microwave oven from a very reliable and trusted appliances supplier.

Microwave Oven Danger