Dangers of Lap Band Surgery


Lap Band surgery is the shortened name for the procedure called Laparoscopic Gastric Banding. This procedure is considered as one of the many types of surgical processes which are used to treat morbid obesity. Lap Band surgery is classified as “bariatric surgery”. The procedure involves considerably minimal invasive surgery on the abdomen.

How It Is Done

It makes use of the laparoscopic technique which involves the application and insertion of a silicone band. This silicone band is placed around the highest part of the patient’s stomach. This band can be adjusted depending on the level of the stomach’s constriction. This can be identified by the aspiration or injection of saline into the ring which is also expandable. This helps in determining the opening’s size into the abdomen.

You have to fully understand the dangers of lap band surgery before you go for it. The procedure itself can be considered as a great insult your body. It is precise and deliberate but it is still trauma. Lap Band Surgery can be considered as an injury to your body and you know that any injury comes with risks and dangers. One of the biggest dangers of Lap band surgery is infection. Your surgical wounds can be infected apart from the infection that your abdomen can get.


Your internal organs and bowel movement are manipulated; that is why you are prone to harmful side effects such as infections. Other dangerous effects can be acquired from bowels that can damage your internal organs. Contaminants may also be released into your abdominal cavity. This is very harmful to your health as it can infect your internal organs.

Anesthetic dangers are also the essential things that you have to be very concerned about. Even though the procedure is relatively benign and precise, you may encounter risks from medication allergies. You may acquire the condition which is called malignant hyperthermia in which you will experience a rapid increase in the temperature of your body.

The application and insertion of the silicone band itself is truly dangerous. Your stomach can acquire damages or injuries when the band in applied. In addition, when the band is inflated, you are also susceptible to dangers and risks. When the silicone band is inflated to achieve the desired size of the stomach’s opening, your stomach will be squeezed actually. You may experience swelling and inflammation on the areas close to where the band is inserted.

The worst thing that will happen when swelling becomes severe. Your stomach may be blocked and the food that you take will not be able to pass through it anymore. In addition to, the silicone band is a foreign material which is just inserted into the stomach. Because of this, there is always a possibility for it to erode through your stomach. Fortunately, this case can be seldom encountered.

Other Risks

Other dangers of Lap Band surgery include port infection and slippage of the silicone band after being inserted into the stomach. Another danger is the misconception that the procedure will take care of the achievement of the entire weight loss goal alone. Your desired result when it comes to weight loss still depends on your discipline, determination and commitment.

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