Dangers of Gamma Rays


Gamma rays are also popularly known as gamma radiation. This is just one of the seven classifications of radiant energy that compose the electromagnetic spectrum. Electromagnetic energy travels across space in the form of waves. Gamma rays have a short wavelength which means that is also has excellent energy. This makes the gamma rays as the most powerful among other electromagnetic waves. Gamma rays have the same characteristics to X-rays. These strong electromagnetic waves are naturally occurring and they traverse the universe in great distances. Gamma rays have a lot of benefits to mankind. However, you also have to pay attention to the dangers of gamma rays.

What Are They Used For?

Gamma rays are used in treating serious health problems such as cancer. Radiation oncology or radiation therapy makes use of the gamma rays to control or kill malignant tumors in a patient’s body. Gamma radiation damages the DNA of cancerous cells. This will help in slowing down the reproduction of cancer cells or killing them. Gamma rays can be considered as an effective way to treat cancer. However, the use of these powerful forms of energy does not focus mainly on destroying cancer cells as healthy cells are also killed through the process. When healthy cells are also destroyed, there may be possibility for side effects to happen.


One of the most horrific dangers of gamma rays comes when these strong forms of energy are utilized in large doses. Gamma rays can alter or harm healthy cells in the body. As a result, tumors or cancerous cells may continue to grow. Gamma rays are also the energy which is involved in some of the most tragic accidents. The accident that occurred in the Fukushima nuclear power plant which is located in Japan is associated primarily with these gamma rays. This incident also led to the horrific earthquake that happened in 2011.

Another accident that is related strongly to the utilization of gamma radiation is the Chernobyl Reactor accident in Ukraine. Particles that emit gamma rays must be taken care of properly to avoid harmful effects to both the environment and humans. The accidents that were associated with gamma radiation have contaminated the environment that is why people must always be cautious.
Gamma rays are undeniably providing significant advantages most especially to the field of medicine and technology. These rays are now widely used in industrial and commercial purposes. Gamma radiation is widely used in medical scanning and in scanning cargo containers. It is also used if food irradiation which is considerably a safe and effective means to secure the safety of food for consumption.

Other Information

In addition to, gamma radiation is also used in exploring the universe. This is truly a useful component that will help mankind to discover breakthroughs. However, authorities must be very careful when handling such strong forms of energy. They must create and implement rules on how to make use of this energy. It is highly vital in order to prevent contamination from happening. It is also necessary that everyone knows about the dangers of gamma rays. Exposure to such a strong from of energy is proven to give harmful effects to anyone.

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