Coolsculpting Side Effects


Coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedure/treatment that freezes fat cells, which causes them to die and progressively be washed off by the body. It seems that high cold affects fat cells in a manner which leads to more developed body contours.

Process of CoolSculpting

The concept that cold affected body fat cells was first noticed in the year 1970, when a group of kids in Russia who regularly sucked on popsicles developed fat loss in their cheeks. Coolsculpting involves the use of a large or small paddle-like applicator that is attached to a hose which provides the cold. Despite its sizes, each device has two panels with three thousand sensors per side. A gel pad helps protect your skin and is placed over the section being treated and then the Coolsculpting device is powered up and applied.

Once it is turned on, it securely pulls up the fat being treated between the 2 panels where it remains for the treatment duration. After a couple of minutes, you will begin to feel intense cold. Do not be surprised if the cold rush is accompanied by a tingling, stinging, cramping or aching sensation. These feelings are normal and slowly go away on their own. Your physician ensures you are at ease and helps get you situated. When the treatment is done, the professional massages the treated part for a couple of minutes to restore normal blood flow and the device is removed.

Body fats are now crystallized due to the calibrated temperatures. Within 2 months, these cells die, which regulates the immune system to send enzymes out that now break down the dying crystallized fat cells, so they can be safely and easily eliminated by the body. The fat cells destroyed through Coolsculpting do not return.

Side Effects of Cool Sculpting

When it comes to Coolsculpting, there are still instances that you may experience side effects. The most common side effects that can be resolved within a week or two are swelling, redness and bruising. A person might also experience reduced sensation over the treated part, but it is temporary.

Presented to the FDA, in accordance with the animal study, Coolsculpting does not harm muscle tissue or skin. Instead, the cold temperature specifically targets fat cells and its muscle and skin side effects are fleeting. Some individuals have asked if these fat cells being broken down can still increase triglyceride or cholesterol levels in the bloodstream, but post treatments blood tests have not shown this to be the case. The bruising effect after the Coolsculpting treatment might be due to using the device itself. Furthermore, there are really no side effects concerning Coolsculpting for many. Studies also have shown no changes in liver function or blood lipid levels. Moreover, the numbness one can feel isn’t associated with nerve damage. There are only small instances reported of having prolonged and painful responses to Coolsculpting.

Benefits of Coolsculpting