Are Chiggers Contagious

Are Chiggers Contagious

Chiggers. You know those really annoying mites that leave many, itchy red bites. While Chiggers is a very common mite, it doesn’t make it any more comfortable, as chigger bites are very annoying to deal with, especially if the affected area is large. Although most Chiggers don’t spread any harmful infections, understanding how Chiggers work and finding treatment options can have you feeling comfortable on preventing them from affecting you.

What Are They?

Chiggers are mites that are part of the family Trombiculidae. In short terms, Chiggers are basically everywhere where there is outdoor theatris, parks, woods, forests, and grassy areas a few of the common habitats of them. In Asia, some Chiggers have with them harmful diseases, however in the U.S. these cases rarely, if ever, happen. Chiggers leave a bite, or patch of bites, that generally fall on tender/think skin. These bites are usually small and red in color, that harden over time. A common belief is Chiggers burrow into the skin to produce these bites, however a feeding structure is just inserted into the body, staying there for a couple days unless disturbed.

Since Chiggers are virtually unseen from the naked eye, their bites are very small, more likely than not that they are unnoticeable. The affected area will appear red, however, fit with pimple/blister like spots on the skin. The most well-known symptom is itching, its likeness to other bites like mosquitoes. Scratching should be limited, however, as breaking the skin can cause for more infection from the Chiggers.

Although the Chigger bite itself should not cause worry, as it can be treated at home, through ointments, spreading of rashes or tenderness of arms should be dealt with through a doctor visit. Since the most common places are where the skin is thin, groin, armpits, and other locations, these spots are the most prone to bacterial infections. Doctor treatments will generally be heavy duty lotions and medications that are the only effective treatments in dealing with Chiggers. Chigger bites can be prevented by regular washing of both skin and clothes after outdoor activities to prevent Chiggers in gaining entry to the skin.

Are Chiggers Contagious?

Chiggers are not contagious, so regular duties can still be performed without worry. Activities will likely depend on the severity of the itches, as certain activities will be limited with bites, however the bite itself or Chiggers are neither contagious or transmissible from person to person.

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