C9-T11 Side Effects

C9-T11 Side Effects

C9-T11 is primarily formulated to help with weight gain. It is a capsule formula that is claimed for being the number one muscle-building solution in the United States. The product has been manufactured by the well known Applied Nutritional Research, a company specializing in sports supplements. C9-T11 essentially aims to boost the muscle mass of the user by 700% only within 7 weeks time. It also intends to make the biceps bigger by the maximum of 9 times when it comes to size.

What Is C9-T11?

C9-T11 is the abbreviation used which stands for “Cis-9, Trans-11” isomer of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). Conjugated Linoleic Acid contains two isomers, which include “Trans-10, Cis-12” and “Cis-9, Trans-11” isomers. Most preparations of Conjugated Linoleic Acid have even parts of such isomers and a number of manufacturers of Conjugated Linoleic Acid products apply safflower being their source.

The softgel capsules of C9-T11 are being promoted as a fat burner and muscle builder. The manufacturer of this product even claims that it can help in boosting muscle growth, reducing abdominal fat, maintaining healthy cholesterol, insulin and triglyceride levels as well as improve the immune system.

A certain study published in year 2004 in the “American Journal of Nutrition” has reported about the CLA effect on the Body Fat Mass or BMF in overweight, healthy individuals. In the one-year study, patients were provided with CLA supplementation, and then at the concluding period of the study their BFM was measured. It was discovered that in comparison to the control group, the subjects under the test had greatly reduced their Body Fat Mass. This leads to the verdict that long term supplementation of CLA indeed decrease Body Fat Mass otherwise in overweight, healthy individuals. Such study supported the likelihood that the Fat Burner C9-T11 in conjunction with its active ingredient known as CLA may prove to be advantageous to the ones who desire to achieve weight loss.

Another more recent study has been reported in the same publication in 2006. 100 subjects who lost more than 8% of their original body weight on the 8-week diet were utilized with CLA supplementation study more than one year. It has been discovered that a 3.4g daily dosage of CLA didn’t hold back test subjects from achieving weight gain as well as BFM (Body Fat Mass). Such outcomes suggest that it may wise not to depend solely on C9-T11 in order to assist you in maintaining your body weight.

When talking about C9-T11 side effects, there are no specific ones that have been reported yet. While according to the advertisements of this product it provides no side effects, this has still not been proved. In addition to this, the efficiency of using the product is also not verified. That is why it is always a good idea to have a word with your doctor before you engage in using such kind of supplement. While the product is still new to the market, there are still not many reviews for its application. This makes it even more important for you to have it checked by a medical professional before using it.

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