Bruised Cervix Symptoms

Bruised Cervix Symptoms

A bruised or tender cervix can be caused by quite a few different things. Understanding all of these causes and the symptoms of a bruised cervix can help you to put your mind at ease. Sexual intercourse is the most common reason to suffer from a bruised cervix. If a man’s penis is too large, or was inserted too roughly, the cervix can become bruised and painful. Along with sexual intercourse, being pregnant or giving birth can also cause the cervix to bruise. If the baby is very active and “kicks” the cervix, bruising can occur.

The Location of the Cervix

The cervix is located at the lowest end of the uterus, and just above the vagina. It is a narrow passage that can easily open to accommodate birth or sex. While it is very versatile, it is also quite sensitive.


Pain In Lower Abdomen
A tenderness in the lower abdomen is common with a bruised cervix. This pain generally starts 12 to 48 hours after the bruising took place and will subside within a week.

Abnormal Bleeding
Spotting and non-period bleeding from the uterus is common with cervix bruises. The bleeding should be very light and stop rather quickly. If you experience prolonged bleeding or very heavy bleeding it is important to consult a medical professional immediately.

Pain During Intercourse
Due to the fact that you are already very tender, experiencing pain when having sex is common with a bruised cervix. The area that has been bruised is being irritated further, it is best to avoid sexual intercourse until you no longer have symptoms of a bruised cervix.

The impact that caused the bruising may have left your uterus in a bit of an uproar. Cramping may result from this, these cramps are very similar to menstrual cramps and can be treated with over the counter medications.

Treatment Options

A bruised cervix can be quite a painful experience. Treatments that are available are pretty limited. The most effective thing to do is refrain from having sexual intercourse until your symptoms are better. Over the counter medications can help to manage any pain that accompanies the injury. As with any medical problem it is very important to consult your physician for an official diagnosis.

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