Blocked Salivary Gland Home Remedy


Blocked salivary glands result in difficulty in swallowing and eating. Salivary duct stones are the culprit to blocked salivary glands. This condition can be painful, but it is not a severe health condition. It just makes a person produce less saliva, which makes the mouth dry. This results in difficulty in swallowing, thus making life uncomfortable for you.

If infection occurs, the salivary glands will become swollen making swallowing more difficult. Fortunately, blocked salivary glands home remedies exist, enabling you to deal with the problem without the need for medical attention by a physician. Below is a list of blocked salivary glands home remedies.

4 Home Remedies for Blacked Salivary Glands

1. Hot Water
Place hot water in your mouth and let it remain there for about 5-10 seconds. Spit the hot water and then immediately place cold water to your mouth. Experts recommend repeating this process five times everyday to loosen or dissolve the salivary duct stones that causes the problem.

Drink tow shots of pure fresh lemon extract daily. Ideally, you need to do these in the morning to clear the blockage in your salivary glands.

Drinking plenty of fluid is proven to help the body flush toxins.

4.Hard Sour Candy
Sucking hard sour candy has been proven to increase the production of salivary. This means that you can get rid of the blockage in your salivary glands by forcing them to work hard to secrete saliva. Also, drinking sour beverages can help increase saliva secretion, which may reduce your discomfort.

In the event that home remedies for blocked salivary gland do not clear up the problem in few days, consulting your doctor is recommended. Your doctor may recommend taking antibiotics to help get rid of the problem immediately. Also, there are several reasons why the salivary gland is blocked and with correct diagnosis, you can get rid of the problem easily.

Blocked Salivary Gland Treatment

Consulting your doctor will help you remove the stone in your salivary gland easily and quickly. While drinking lots of water and other home remedies may help, consulting a doctor is required to determine the underlying conditions that cause the problem.

Some of the most common symptoms of blocked salivary gland include dull pain over the affected gland and swelling of the salivary gland, which may vary from size and persistent from time to time. There are also people with salivary gland stone that may not have symptoms. The stone can be detected through X-ray diagnosis.

Doctors may implement certain medical procedures to remove the stone that’s blocking the salivary glands duct. In some instances, a small operation may be required in order to cut out the stone from the salivary glands duct. Other blocked salivary gland treatments include shockwave treatment, therapeutic sialendoscopy, and gentle probing.

Blocked salivary glands are not detrimental to your health. The problem is solved after the stone is removed. However, some people may still develop salivary gland stones at some time later. An operation to remove the entire salivary gland is the last resort of people developing multiple stones.

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