Best Remedies for Removing Hickies

Best Remedies for Removing Hickies

Are There Remedies for Hickies?

Did you have an incredible night last night? Are your co-workers or parents not buying your excuse that you got the vacuum cleaner hose stuck on your neck for the eleventh time? These remedies for hickies can help to reduce their appearance so you don’t have to try to cover it up with a scarf, a turtleneck, or some lame excuse. Keep in mind that hickies are essentially just bruises, so they should be treated as such.

Here are some effective remedies for hickies that you can use right now:

1. Apply ice to the site right now.

The reason why you’ve got hickies is because there are tiny blood vessels in the skin that have been broken. Your body has stopped the damage, but the result is that there is now a thin layer of blood underneath the skin that is causing the bruising. By applying ice to the hickey, you’ll help to reduce any swelling and redness and hasten the healing process. If you can put ice on the site immediately, you can even eliminate the hickey altogether!

2. Use vinegar to help treat your hickies.

If you’ve got some white vinegar at home, then you’ve got one of the best remedies for hickies that there is. Mix the vinegar with warm water and then rub this gently into the hickey. This works because the vinegar helps to increase the flow of blood to the surface of the skin, allowing your body to potentially reabsorb some of the pooled blood that is causing the hickey.

3. Witch hazel will also help with your hickies.

Witch hazel has similar properties to vinegar. It helps to stimulate your body to increase blood flow to the areas where you apply it, making it another one of the best remedies for hickies there is. Apply the witch hazel several times throughout the day for maximum effect and that hickey will be gone in a day or two, most likely.

4. Eat some pineapple for breakfast.

Did you know that your body needs Bromelain to help break down the proteins that are keeping those bruise-causing fluids to be reabsorbed by the body? Pineapples have a lot of this enzyme, so eating them after you get a hickey can help your body heal more quickly.

5. When all else fails, you can always attach a live leech to your skin!

Leeches love to suck out blood and have been used throughout history to relieve painful bruising. Put the leech on your hickey and you’ll have much of the reddish purpleness gone in just a few seconds. The bite of the leech isn’t painful because it contains a mild painkiller in it. Rubbing alcohol or petroleum jelly helps to remove the leech. Farm raised leeches are the best!

Those unsightly hickies can cause personal and professional issues that can be embarrassing and bothersome. With these remedies for hickies, however, you don’t have to cover up those bruises anymore! Use one today!