Bat Repellent Home Remedy


Bats can be scary when they live in close proximity to you, or even in your home. Although not normally a danger to humans at all, some home and property owners with bat issues may want to know more about bat repellent home remedy ideas. Here, we will look at effective bat repellent home remedy ideas, as well as bat repellent home remedy recommendations that might not be very sound. Lastly, we will let you know more about the best bat repellent home remedy anywhere.

Sealing Entry Points

Sealing bat entry points into your home may be your best bet to at least control the population and make them leave your home. Look for entry points around eaves and corners of your home. Wait until night, after they have left, and slowly start sealing up these entry points with putty, caulking, or insulation. This process might take some time and patience on your part, as you must identify entry ways, and then take the time to slowly block each one you can find. You will also have to observe the bats for several nights to find where they come and go.

Other (Less Effective) Bat Repellent Home Remedy Ideas

There are other bat repellent home remedy tips that are less than sound. Do not poison bats, as this is illegal in many areas. Mothballs may be another bat repellent home remedy, but they are largely ineffective, stink, and are poison to both animals and humans. Plus, large quantities of them must be used and replaced, as they dissolve. Playing loud music or using sonic transmitters may also work, but only if you can constantly play the music loudly, keep the transmitters on at all times, and do not live anywhere where this might disturb neighbors (or yourself).

Call an Expert

The most effective bat repellent home remedy is not a home remedy at all. Instead, it involves calling in a local professional trained and knowledgeable in bat removal to get rid of your bats properly. This may cost some money, although some wildlife agencies may be willing to help if you just contact them before attempting bat removal on your own. Call local agencies to see if this is the case in your area. Only professionals can truly remove bats and get them to stay away without potentially harming the bats, yourself, your pets, or your neighborhood reputation.