Athenes Theory of Everything Explained


Bachir Boumaaza is the creator of the theory of everything. Better known as Athene, he is a modern jack of all trades. He plays poker, holds video game records, and uploads videos that receive hundreds of millions of total views.

One of his most unique contributions is the idea that everything in the universe is connected together through the field of quantum mechanics.

The core concept of his theory is based on a proposition series. Athene suggests that consciousness comes from the brain of an individual. The brain is an organ which is composed of matter. Matter is naturally subjected to the rules of quantum mechanics. That means consciousness is subject to the rules of quantum mechanics.

Since the average person doesn’t understand how to access the rules of quantum mechanics, they don’t realize the amount of actual power their consciousness can tap into. By understanding this process, Athene suggests that people can know themselves better, trust themselves more, and become an observer of the world.

Can Consciousness Be Controlled by Quantum Mechanics?

Athene’s theory of everything commits a thinking error as the foundation of its proposal. Think about it like this.

You are touching your phone. Your phone has a data connection which gives you internet access. This content is on the internet. My computer is on the internet. I’m touching my computer to create this content. Therefore, I am touching you right now.

Do you feel a tap on your shoulder?

The problem with tying consciousness to quantum mechanics is that outside influences can directly control the level of consciousness that people experience. Give the average person a dose of anesthesia and their consciousness can turn off. Going to sleep turns off a person’s awareness of consciousness. Drugs can alter the awareness of consciousness while still being conscious.

If there was a force that held consciousness together, it would create a universal connection that holds people together in a state of awareness which could not be altered.

What Happens When Matter Is Created?

Athene suggests that matter and anti-matter are always created at the same time simultaneously in the theory of everything. He suggests that particle accelerators demonstrate this concept in real life already. That would suggest that if consciousness is created, then an anti-consciousness is also created at the same time.

This changes the idea of what reality happens to be as we perceive it. Time, in actuality, is more about perception rather than a static concept. We assume that time moves forward in a linear motion.

Yet if time is created through these same laws, then a concept of anti-time must also be considered.

Within the concept of infinity, and using quantum mechanics as a mathematical tool, it is reasonable to suggest that every possible pattern could exist at some point. Connecting these moments together through personal consciousness is what expands a personal view of the universe and unlocks the potential power of the human mind.

The problem is this: when matter is created, anti-matter is possible. They attract to one another and experimentation with anti-matter has shown that when the two are combined, total annihilation occurs. Since Athene suggests that quantum mechanics is a set of mathematical equations which govern how matter is controlled in all aspects, similar results would be expected in other areas.

Therefore, time would be attracted to anti-time and the two would annihilate each other. Since you’re reading this, that suggests something else happens to be in play.

Why Was the Theory of Everything Proposed?

The ultimate conclusion that is offered by Athene’s theory of everything is that an afterlife is statistically inevitable. Many religions promote the idea of an afterlife, one that is often eternal or age-enduring, and Athene suggests that this concept falls outside of the ability of humanity to rationalize it.

We may never be able to see or understand what that afterlife is like in our current state of existence. Is it possible to free the mind from the concepts, habits, and routines of reality that we’ve accepted as true to experience the afterlife in “real” life?

With the patterns available in the concept of infinity, Athene suggests that consciousness can tap into the existence of the afterlife. That people can use this power to tap into other concepts of the universe as well. In doing so, that allows the individual to achieve their full potential.

Many describe the theory of everything as mere speculation. Others find the ideas suggested to be intriguing and worth further study. You can reach your own conclusion by watching the documentary video produced by Athene regarding his theory.