Apriso Side Effects


Nowadays, the use of drugs has been a popular way of treating diseases or illness in order to prolong the years of man’s existence. There are lots of pharmaceutical drugs which are being formulated in order to ease the pains or condition of the patient. However the use of those drugs still has its side effects which the patient should be aware of.

What is Apriso?

Apriso is a pharmaceutical drug which is being use in treating ulcerative colitis or certain bowel movements being experienced by an individual. This drug has also been used and prescribed by professionals or practitioners in the field of medical science to treat Crohn’s disease. The intake of drug is through the mouth; it is in a capsule form that should only be taken once in a day. This can be taken by the patient with or without meals being eaten.

Even though the medicine is intended for treatment and cure still it has its downside. During the intake of the medicine it is important to observed the patient’s condition; if there are allergic reactions being experienced by the person seeking advice from a doctor should be done. Before the medicine should be chosen the patient should first consult the doctor for prescription and advice. It is important to be sure that the medicine will be suited to the patient; it should not trigger or cause any ailments which will be an additional burden to the patient. Pregnant women and those who have been suffering from other diseases are advice to tell their doctor about their condition so that the drug will not be causing any harm to their health

Allergic Reactions

There are different allergic reactions that are being suffered by patients who have been using APRISO; the allergic reactions vary from mild to severe which could have caused severe health condition. If any of the following symptoms were being experienced the patient should immediately seek for doctors advice to secure their health condition. The following are the symptoms which can be seen to people or patients suffering from the APARISO side effects.

Difficulty in breathing
This symptom is known widely because people who are really allergic to the kind of medicine being taken suffered from breathing problems. The patient’s throat and air passages are being block due to the mechanism that is being done by the human body.

Swelling of the face, lips, tongue or even the throat
This happens when the medicine had triggered another health problem. Swelling happens when the fluid in the body is not being secreted through urination and sweating. Sever stomach pain.

Stomach cramps
Knowing that APARISO is being taken to treat and prevent colon problems stomach aches can still be suffered. Constipation can also be suffered.

This happens when the body does not want the medicine being used in the treatment.

This allergic reaction happens when the stomach is suffering from problems which do not seem to be manageable. It could have cause severe rectal bleeding if not stopped.

Having a fever
Fever came up when the body can no longer handle the temperature inside. Most medicine with high dosage causes a person to have fever.

The feeling of being tired and restless is something to be worried of because this is the first symptom that is being shown by individuals who are suffering from the adverse effects of medicine being taken.

Rashes on the skin appears
Rashes appear if the temperature inside the body is above normal and if the medicine is something that is not suited to the person’s condition.

Dizziness or experiencing headaches
Feeling dizzy or having headaches is the most common allergic reaction of the body during the intake of this medicine.