Anoxic Brain Injury ICD 9 Code


Billable Medical Code for Anoxic Brain Damage

Diagnosis Code for Reimbursement Claim: ICD-9-CM 348.1

Code will be replaced by October 2015 and relabeled as ICD-10-CM 348.1.

Known As

Anoxic brain injury is also known as anoxic encephalopathy (disorder), cerebral anoxia (lack of oxygen) due to obstetric anesthesia in pregnancy, cerebral anoxia due to OB anesthesia in pregnancy, cerebral anoxia due to obstetric anesthesia, cerebral hypoxia, encephalopathy anoxic, hypoxia of brain (disorder), and hypoxia cerebral. This excludes that occurring in: abortion (634-638 with.7, 639.8), ectopic or molar pregnancy (639.8), labor or delivery (668.2, 669.4), and that of newborn (767.0, 768.0-768.9, 772.1-772.2).

Anoxic Brain Injury Definition and Symptoms

Anoxic brain injry is when oxygen levels are extremely low for four minutes or long and brain cells begin to die, this is when anoxic brain injuries take place. This is a serious, life threatening condition that can cause cognitive problems. Common causes of this condition are drowning, poisoning, brain tumors, heart attack, and carbon monoxide inhalation. Symptoms include short term memory loss, visual disturbances, anomia, and poor cognitive abilities.