Ankle Weights Pros and Cons


The weighted exercise tool has been accessible for many years on Ancient Persians who packed cow bladders with water or sand to make medicine balls utilized to train armed forces. Walkers utilize ankle weights and weighted to enhance cardiovascular workout and shed more calories. This tool has been verified to be efficient; on the other hand it can lead to injury and is not applicable for everyone. It is essential to think about the pros and cons of ankle weights prior to using this equipment.

The Pros of Ankle Weights

Enhanced Cardiovascular Workouts: Ankle weights strap around your ankles. As the ankle weights oppose gravity, the user needs to utilize force in order to lift his or her leg. And this makes the glutes, quadriceps and hamstring work harder that provide big muscle of the legs a good training as oppose to strolling without wearing ankle weights. This is according to the study published in the Los Angeles Times. Due to the reason that leg muscles need to work harder while wearing ankle weights, it is beneficial for your cardiovascular system.

Develops Bone Density and Muscle Strength: Exercising with ankle weights enhance bone density and at the same time minimizes the chance of osteoporosis to occur, according to reliable sources. Ankle weights give lightweight resistance and lightweight are suggested by NIH for old age people. Older can utilize this training equipment in substitute to heaver and bigger training equipment to do resistance workouts. This enhances muscle tone, builds bode density as well as enhancing mobility and walking speed for older citizens.

Enhanced Calorie Burning: Putting additional weight to the body during an exercise enhances the load that causes the heart and muscle to function tougher. The more organs and muscles which are activated means much energy is required to perform the work of working out. More energy spent means the most amount of calories burned.

The Cons of Ankle Weights

Despite of the many benefits the ankle weights can provide, it also comes with disadvantages such as:

Leg Strain and Injury: Ankle weights enhance the pressure on your joints. These tools can strain your leg muscles and ankle joint enhancing the possibility of serious damage. This is according to rehabilitation and physical medicine specialist. Ankle weights don’t develop leg muscle evenly. They strengthen your quadriceps, on the other hand doesn’t strengthen the hamstring in the reverse side of your leg.

Joint Loading: The utilization of this exercise equipment to enhance the intensity of the workout comes at a high cost. Supplementing ankle weights could place too much pressure on the joints that can lead to injury and pain. Wearing this tool can also lead to the alteration of the gait, developing strain muscle or muscle imbalances. Those who are overweight of with existing pain in their joint must certainly avoid utilizing ankle weights. The safer means to enhance intensity is to put in accuracy to your runs and walks.

Final Verdict

Due to the fact that ankle weights add more pressure on your joints, it is not suggested for those with existing joint and knee problems. While ankle weights are appropriate for those in good medical condition and those who don’t have physical issues, those with aching joints and overweight or frail must not utilize this tool.

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