AMAS Blood Test Results Meaning

AMAS Blood Test Results Meaning

The Anti-Malignin Antibody Serum (AMAS) blood test is a cancer detection blood test that can be used effectively for almost every type of malignancy. When there is cancer in the body, it produces antibodies that are designed to fight off the disease. When the cancer is active, then these short-term AMAS antibodies are produced. When used correctly, there is less than a 1% error rate, making it a useful screening tool for discovering cancer.

Why is it so effective? Research has shown that almost all cancers have one particular protein in common. When this protein is present, even in minimal amounts, then the body triggers itself to begin creating antibodies to help control the spread of the disease. The AMAS antibodies are easy to detect in the blood and can help find cancers extremely early so that an effective treatment plan can be developed.

The AMAS blood test has been successfully used for more than a decade. The only problem is that not every medical provider is even aware of its existence. For those that are aware of what it can do, it is often confused with the AMA blood test for antimitochondrial antibodies that are used to detect just one condition: primary biliary cirrhosis.

Who Should Have the AMAS Blood Test?

There are certain demographics that should consider asking their medical provider about the AMAS blood test and if it is right for them. The most important group would be those who have a family history of cancer. Family histories of cancer are an increased risk factor and some are even related to genetic causes. The AMAS blood test results can let an individual know if early cancer development has affected them as well.

These additional demographics should also consider having the AMAS blood test.

1. Past cancer sufferers.
Because the antibodies produced by the blood are short-term in nature, they will disappear after a malignancy goes into remission. Regular testing after remission can help someone know whether or not the disease has come back.

2. Current cancer sufferers.
The AMAS blood test results can also be used to track the effectiveness of a treatment plan. If antibody levels are being reduced over time, then this can be an indication, with other evidence, that the cancer is headed towards a remission.

3. People who live in toxic environments.
You don’t need to be concerned about cancer to benefit from the potential of this particular blood test. High stress levels can lead to lower immune system functioning, setting the potential stage for a malignancy to develop. This test can give you the peace of mind you may need.

The AMAS blood test is for cancer detection. Anyone suffering from liver problems may wish to request the AMA blood test instead. Certain symptoms, such as the yellowing of the skin or eyes, itchy skin, and fluid build-up around the abdomen can be indications that liver damage has occurred. This blood test cannot confirm the issue, but it can lead a medical provider to additional testing which can confirm the results.

What Do My Results Mean?

The test results for the AMAS blood test are rather simple. If the test is possible, then the protein that is produced when there is a malignancy in the body is present in the blood. You are almost certain to have cancer and your medical provider will begin to start the process of tracking down where it is and how severe it is.

A negative test may occur when there is an advanced stage of cancer.

Over time, it is very common for a malignancy to completely eliminate the antibodies that are created so they will not be detected. Sometimes breast cancers may also show up as a false negative. It is important to have additional testing completed if cancer is suspected just to make sure there is nothing serious that must be treated.

Not every health insurance policy will cover the cost of this test and special testing facilities are required to complete it. Costs vary by location if paying privately, so be sure to ask your medical provider about the details of the test if it has been ordered and any special instructions that may need to be followed.

You can stand up to cancer. You can beat it. One of the tools used to defeat it is the AMAS blood test. Once the results are explained, the simplistic nature of this test removes most doubts about an individual’s health status. Positive results generally indicate cancer. Negative results generally indicate no malignancy.