Algae Biofuel Pros and Cons


It is given that there are many petroleum experts who are starting to make use of other resources to generate fuel and one of the recent developments made is obtaining fuel from algae. It is a form of biodiesel wherein the fuel or diesel is derived from living organisms and in this case, algae. This is now used either as gaseous or liquid forms for running various vehicles or supplying enough electrical power in different appliances and equipment with the use of a diesel generator.

Since there is a vast source in the freshwater, the supply of biodiesel from these organisms is getting higher than the usual number it had. Though this biodiesel is growing continuously, there are still particular pros and cons that you should learn from the use of such fuel.

Pros of Algae Biofuel

Here are some of the basic benefits people can get from algae biofuel:

There is much oil generated from algae than of land crops.
Oil obtained from algae is 30 times higher than of what is produced from land crops. It is considered the best alternative for land crops especially when there are high source of commercially cultivated algae present in a particular area.

It can be grown commercially.
One of the impressive factors that algae biofuel has is, it can be cultivated commercially, giving people the ease of getting enough source for producing enough amount of oil from algae.

Algae biofuel does not emit harmful air pollutants.
Since it is produced from natural sources and is made to reduce the amount of air pollutants emitted unlike other fuels derived from other sources. The use of this natural alternative is sure to give people the ease of finding a safe substitute for this kind of use.

Cons of Algae Biofuel

As some pros are already mentioned, it is necessary that you will give way with the cons of this product and some are as follows:

Needs maintenance and control on temperature conditions when cultivating commercially.
Since it is used to grow in natural conditions, the cultivation should be done according to what the environment that algae are used to. It is needed that people in charge for the cultivation are able to maintain the right temperature to make algae healthy and produce as much oil as possible.

Costs are higher than the usual costs of diesel.
Since the cultivation will need more maintenance and support over the entire process of growing and generating oil. Due to this reason, there are many interested people who would think about trying the fuel for their vehicles or their electrical equipment since it is still not available in a low price.

What You Think About Algae Biofuel

Given that there are many people who are thinking about using environment friendly products, experts continue to create new innovations in different industries. One of these is Algae biofuel. With consistent developments, it is projected that soon; this type of fuel will be available for daily consumption and will soon have a price range that is affordable to all.

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