Akashic Field Theory Explained


“Life is like an onion. You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep.” – Carl Sandburg.

The idea that life is like an onion is an idea that isn’t something new. People are complex, with multiple layers that each provide something unique to the universe. In the Akashic field theory, the idea isn’t to look at each layer as an individualized trait or part of life, but to examine how each layer fits perfectly to create the onion in the first place.

As far as we know, humans are the only beings in the universe that have a specific realm of self-consciousness. We can think about what the meaning of life happens to be, how we happen to fit into the universe, and the purpose of why we’re here.

Those thought patterns can be so complex, in fact, that we can think about why we’re thinking about the purpose of our existence.

At the same time, the coherence rules that hold living cells together is one part of a complex and interactive system. Those systems can make jumps in their levels of complexity from time to time, which causes the coherence rules to add complexity to their design. Living cells become tissues, which become organs, which become systems, which become a person.

The Akashic field theory combines both attributes together to describe how they fit. In essence, we are the universe, the universe is us, and that fits nicely together just like the layers of an onion.

What Is the Definition of Consciousness?

Consciousness is an awareness of personal existence. It also includes the environment in which the individual lives. We have a level of awareness within our environment that allows us to perceive visual changes, but molecular changes are happening all the time outside of our visual realm.

The human brain has recognized this visual component to our existence and has create an area of the brain that is responsible for observations of it. The “soul” of a human may be a conglomeration of cells in a person’s central nervous system, but it is also a manifestation of what the rest of the universe is creating in its own complexities as well.

In the Akashic field theory, the various cycles that lead to jumps in complexity can have the information transferred from one cycle to the next. That is why the universal rules surrounding gravity, the speed of light, or magnetism remain relatively the same instead of being affected by the randomized processes of complexity.

What Are the Consequences of This Structure?

Because the universe has layers fitting together like an onion, every new period of growth or every jump in complexity is built upon the foundation of the last layer. We are each in a separate layer, and that is our existence, but it is built upon the people and events that came before us.

That means we are connected to all who have lived before us. We are even connected to the initial creation of the universe, or the “core” of the onion, if you will. Normally, we are unable to access this information because we are segregated to our specific layers. With the Akashic field, it is suggested that we can reach out with our minds to access this information.

Through this process, we can understand what life after death is like because the past never really goes away. It is just segregated to one layer. It also means that everyone and everything is linked together, allowing us to examine the past and present together. It could also provide the potential for examining the future as the Akashic field is pointed outward instead of inward.

Isn’t This a Summary of Most Religions?

The Akashic field theory might sound like the backbone of theology for major religions, but what if the “spiritual” need of humanity is actually a scientific desire to explore the complexities of the universe?

Throughout history, humanity has attributed supernatural powers to actions that are not understood. The people of Ancient Egypt, as an example, might think of the modern human as a god since we have airplanes, spaceships, and automobiles that we can use.

Many do not understand their innate “spirituality,” so religious overtones are assigned to it. The Akashic field theory suggests that by accessing the field that binds our various layers together, the human mind can tap into the energy of the universe and discover the “secrets” that have been there all along.