Abolitionist Definition for Kids

Abolitionist Definition for Kids

There have been a number of movements that have taken place throughout history and the ultimate goal of these movements was to bring about change. One of the most notable movements that had a tremendous impact on society as a whole is the abolitionist movement. This is a movement that occurred in both Europe and the Americas and involved ending slavery. Those that were against slavery and looking to end it were a part of the abolitionist movement. In order to have a better understanding of this movement and how it worked, you also need to be more informed about people that had key roles in the abolitionist movement.

Frederick Douglas

One of the biggest accomplishments that Frederick boasts in his life is the ability to escape slavery. He was one of the few people that was instrumental in the abolitionist movement early on and did not let any obstacles stand in his way in the fight against slavery. He was an ex slave himself, but he was still someone that was fighting for the freedoms of others. He even decided to share his own story and how he escaped freedom by writing his own autobiography. He wanted to make sure that his story was heard and that people were aware of what it actually took to escape slavery and what a pareson had to endure when they were enslaved. This is something that was very brave and it made a huge impact when his autobiography was released.

Harriet Tubman

Hariet Tubman was another individual that was impactful in the fight against slavery. One of the things that Tubman was most proud of was her pursuit of freedom for enslaved people.She made it a priority to actually help people that were enslaved to find their way to freedom. This was very risky and dangerous, but this is also something that Tubman believed in strongly and she would not let anything stand in her way of helping people escape slavery. She even had the ability to become a landowner in her lifetime which was a major accomplishment for someone that was involved in the abolitionist movement because she got to see her hard work pay off.

Web Dubois

There are some public figures that have made their mark on history forever. Web Dubois is one of the few people in history that has a list of accomplishments that can match up against just about anyone. He might not be as famous as come people in history, but the impact that he has had on history is just as powerful. It is important that you are aware of some of Web Dubois greatest accomplishments.

Here are the top accomplishments of Web Dubois:

A big accomplishment that Web Dubois had during his lifetime was his pursuit of education. He was actually born free and pursued a degree. He is known as the first African American to obtain a Ph. D. from Harvard. This is a huge accomplishment and was viewed as a move toward equality when Dubois was getting this degree. During the time period when Dubois went to Harvard not many African Americans were pursuing basic educations let alone a more advanced degree.

Dubois also achieved the title of professor at Atlanta University. Dubois spent a lot of time learning about the African American experience in the south during his tenure as a professor at this university. He was someone that felt education was key and should be accessible for all. He made it a priority to make education more available and always thought that education was the best way to achieve equality.

Fight With Washington
Another of the accomplishments that is on Dubois resume involves his fight against Washington T. Booker. He was a person working in the abolitionist movement that did not just go along with Booker and often disagreed with his opinion. Booker was known as the biggest proponents of African Americans pursuing educations that were vocational in nature, but Dubois argued that this was not right. He felt that African Americans required a classical education and should not be limited in any way. He was very outspoken in his fight against Booker.

Niagara Movement
Dubois also fought hard to end discrimination in any form and was a man that met to create the Niagara Movement. This was a movement that was seen as radical by many white people, but it was a movement that was tied to equality. Dubois was not afraid to take action and to stick up for what he believed in even if it was not viewed as the norm by others.

As you can see, there are many people that played a part in the abolitionist movement and who helped make slavery a thing of the past that would no longer be a part of current culture.