9 Pros and Cons of Dentures

Even as dentures represents a fairly well known concept, you still want to take the pros and cons of dentures very seriously. Is this a dental procedure that is going to be right for you? Obviously, this is the kind of conversation that you will inevitably want to have with your dentist. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t look over the pros and cons of dentures in your own time.

What Are Dentures

Also known as “false teeth”, dentures represent one of the most popular approaches to dental care there is. Your dentures can also be known as plates or dental prosthetics. In a general sense, dentures are designed to restore your smile to its former glory. The best examples of dentures will be something that seamlessly combines form and function. Your smile will be as beautiful as ever, and you will have a material in your mouth that allows you to live your life comfortably.

With dentures, you are talking about the oldest known method for replacing your teeth. This procedure is generally considered as a response to significant tooth decay, significant gum disease, or some form of trauma that caused several teeth to be removed from your mouth. All of these possibilities can end with a procedure that involves installing dentures.

There is more than one type of denture. This is something you are going to want to keep in mind, when it comes to considering the pros and cons of dentures. Beyond this fact, there are a few other things you are going to want to keep in mind.

The Pros Of Dentures

There are a variety of reasons as to why someone might get dentures. Some people need to maintain their smile, as well as the quality of the lower half of their face. Others may need to reduce the amount of pressure that is being placed on their other teeth. Some want to reduce the potential of developing TMJ at some point in their lives, but some pursue dentures above implants and all other replacement options to help with chewing and reduce decay potential throughout the entire mouth. Regardless of the reasons, there are quite a few appealing benefits to having dentures applied:

1. The aesthetics of that entire area are going to improve for the better.
The health of your mouth, your overall health, and even your financial considerations are all going to play a role in whether or not you decide to get dentures. For many people, getting dentures simply comes down to improving the aesthetics of their smile. Our society values the quality of our smile to a significant degree, and this is not something that is likely to change at any point in the near future. Dentures can restore your smile to its former glory, which can significantly improve your overall self-confidence.

2. It can improve performance, in terms of how you eat your food.
If tooth decay and trauma have combined to eliminate several of your teeth, all hope is not lost. Dentures remain one of the most popular procedures in the world for the very reason of how significantly they can improve the performance of your mouth. If you are missing several teeth, eating can quite simply become a painful, tedious ordeal. Dentures can restore the missing teeth, which in turn can make it easier to eat the foods that you want to eat.

3. Dentures protect real teeth.
This is a benefit that not everyone considers. Simply put, when you are missing one or several teeth, the remaining teeth have to work that much harder to eat food and so forth. This can wear down the remaining teeth quite quickly, which can lead to a variety of problems later on. Dentures can remove this burden, and allow your teeth to function as they are supposed to function.

4. Dentures can provide essential support to other parts of your face.
Dentures do more than just protect your real teeth. The best examples of dentures will also work to provide essential support to your lip and facial muscles. In doing so, it will keep these things from “sinking in,” a condition that can cause a tremendous degree of damage.

5. Dentures are also extremely affordable.
In this day and age, there are tons and tons of teeth replacement options available to you. Dentures are far from your only potential course of action. However, dentures remain popular for a few reasons, some of which have already been discussed in this article. One of the biggest reasons for the enduring popularity of dentures is quite simply the fact that they are extremely affordable. If you need to replace your teeth, and you lack meaningful dental insurance or funds, dentures can prove to be a viable option.

These are some of the main pros of dentures. What do you think some of the negative points are going to be?

The Cons Of Dentures

While dentures unquestionably bring a lot of benefits to the table, they are far from perfect. As you discuss whether or not dentures are right for you with your dentist, some of the following drawbacks are likely to come up in the conversation:

1. Adjusting to them can take some time.
If you are getting dentures for the very first time, get ready to be very uncomfortable. At least, this is going to be true for a little while. Dentures can provide a wealth of useful benefits. However, as those benefits begin to kick in, you can expect to feel very uncomfortable for a little while. This element of discomfort can vary from one person to the next.

2. Do not expect dentures to be something that will be fixed to your mouth.
This doesn’t sound like a big deal, until you take for granted the misconception that dentures will be fixed to your mouth. They won’t be, which means you are going to want to be careful when going about the particulars of your day. You may also have to keep in mind the types of foods you are planning to eat. Obviously, something that is not fixed to the roof of your mouth can be problematic with certain foods.

3. Look after your new dentures, or else.
This drawback isn’t meant to scare you, but learning how to take care of dentures is still something that you are going to want to take seriously. Failure to do so can create a wide variety of problems with your overall oral health. Your teeth and gums can become susceptible to things like decay and infection, if you do not follow all instructions that relate to the care of your new dentures.

4. Dentures are unfortunately susceptible to being broken.
While the technology behind dentures is more formidable than ever, the unfortunate reality of the situation is that dentures still carry the risk of being broken. No one is telling you to live your life in constant fear of having your dentures broken, but you will still want to take care to avoid situations that can result in your dentures being damaged or broken.

In Conclusion

Are dentures right for you? Obviously, this is something that you are going to want to weigh the pros and cons of very carefully. Your dentist will also be very helpful in working with you to decide.