9 Pros and Cons of Celibacy


Celibacy is the complete abstinence from sex. Being celibate is a choice. It is a lifestyle choice that requires a very serious commitment. Typically a celibate lifestyle choice is made for religious reasons but in some cases it is just a personal choice that is made for other reasons.

Being celibate is not being a virgin that has never had sex. It is a conscious decision to abstain from sex not because you are a virgin waiting for the right person but because you never plan on having sex. Understanding the pros and cons of celibacy can help you to decide if this is a lifestyle choice that will work for you. Making the right choice for your life can help you to live a happier life.

List of Pros of Celibacy

Being celibate can actually be beneficial. If you are willing to sacrifice the above than you can enjoy the below.

1. No Sexually Transmitted Disease
STD’s can be deadly. Literally you can contract diseases that can kill you from having sex. There is no such thing as safe sex only safer sex. The only real way to completely avoid STD’s is by complete abstinence. Celibacy can ensure that your risk for sexually transmitted diseases is zero.

2. No Unwanted Pregnancies
Celibacy insures that there will be no unwanted pregnancies. As a matter fact celibacy is the only way to ensure with a 100% certainty that you will not get pregnant or get someone pregnant. Being celibate takes the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy right off the table.

3. Self-Acceptance
When you are celibate self-acceptance comes easier. When you are not concerned with what a potential partner may think of your body you become freer. You do not worry as much about whether you fit in or if you are up to par with some unobtainable ideal.

4. Less Distraction
Being celibate gives you the chance to focus on yourself or the task at hand without distractions. Sex can be a huge distraction. When you take sex out of your life you put more focus in your life! It is an easy way to really pay attention to other things that need your attention.

5. Its Not Forever
Sure being celibate is a choice but it does not have to be a forever choice. It can be something that you try for a little while and if it is not for you, you can just change things up. Being celibate does not require that you make an irreversible changes to your body or your lifestyle so it is very undoable when and if you are ready to become sexually active again.

List of Cons of Celibacy

Human beings are pack animals that require a certain amount of physical contact to be truly well rounded, at least according to experts is a necessity, you may feel differently.

1. Sex May Be a Necessity
According to quite a bit of research sex may be a necessity to have a well-balanced life. There is some debate about how necessary sex is since society has evolved so greatly but most experts agree that living a life without sex will mean that there will be some areas of your life that is not going to be fully developed. A healthy sex life for an adult actually can improve your overall health.

2. Relationship Issues
Most healthy adults choose to have sex as part of their relationship experience. It can be very difficult to forge an adult relationship without the benefit of a sexually satisfying aspect to the relationship. Reaching a really intimate level between two adults typically requires some sexual relations.

3. Frustration
Giving up sex can be froth with frustration. It can be very hard to ignore the primal urge that sex is. Your body will react to sexual stimulus whether you want to or not, it is a natural instinct and when you deny that instinct it can be very frustrating.

4. You Miss Out On the Sexual High
Orgasm can be compared to be intoxicated without the negative side effects of being intoxicated. Denying yourself sex can mean denying yourself not only the orgasmic high but the orgasmic relief. Your body releases hormones that can help to battle depression and beat down stress when you have sex. You live only in that moment and it is a great break from stress and worry.


Being celibate is a choice that may or may not be right for you. Ultimately it is a very personal choice that is not right for everyone but it does work for a lot of people. Understanding but the repercussions and the benefits of being celibate can help you to make the right decision for your life.