7 Major Accomplishments of Nikola Tesla


Nikola Tesla has been called a genius. There are people who have called him insane. Many have hailed him as a pioneer, scientist and thinker par excellence. Many consider some Nikola Tesla major accomplishments as glorified myths. Nikola Tesla was one of the most fascinating minds in human history. There’s no doubt about that.

It is well documented how he was hounded by governments in collusion with various industries that were terrified at some of his path breaking and noble revelations. The man who amassed a fortune died in poverty. He is presently an inspiration for the entire scientific community and even consumers of the world. Here are some Nikola Tesla major accomplishments.

1. He developed the concept of alternative current.

Thomas Edison, with the backing from GE, managed to make the world believe that direct current was safe and that alternate current was completely unsafe. A hundred years and a decade later, we are using alternating current in most of our energy applications.

2. Tesla was the first to develop fluorescent bulbs.

The industry managed to invent those bulbs some forty years later. Tesla also developed the world’s first neon signs. He also floated the theory that electricity can be generated using the earth’s magnetic field.

3. The first x-ray.

Tesla is not credited with the invention of x-ray but he did come up with the first of its kind understanding of how photography can be used along with ionizing radiation and electromagnetism to explore what we cannot see with our naked eyes.

4. Who invented the radio?

Radio was invented by Guglielmo Marconi. That’s what people believed for a long time before the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Tesla that Marconi did not invent the radio. In fact, Tesla invented it two years earlier. However, Marconi did develop a long distance radio transmission system. Interestingly, Marconi’s financial and lobbying clout managed to win the reversal of the Supreme Court verdict.

5. Tesla took the radio technology further and developed the use of remote control.

It was not the remote control that we use today for television. Tesla developed a boat that could be controlled remotely. Imagine a drone if you like.

6. Nikola Tesla invented the first electric motor.

His motor has found its way into automobiles, fans, consumer electronics, home appliances and an array of industrial equipment.

7. No boundaries for Tesla moving onto wireless technology.

Tesla developed the first laser, wireless communication and the wireless transmission of energy, although the latter did not become a reality during his lifetime. Some say that it did.