7 Interesting Facts About Lipids


Lips are little molecules that contain hydrocarbons. They’re the building blocks of the structure of living cells and come in a wide variety of options. The average person has oils, fats, and hormone lipids in their body. Lipids can also be found in wax and even in some vitamins. They are an amazing little worker that help keep us all healthy and happy.

1. Don’t Use the Water

Lipids are insoluble in water. This means that they will stay intact, even if you’re attempting to drown them. They are soluble in organic solvents, however, and that’s because lipids are created from similar elements in carbohydrates. The only real difference between carbs and lipids, in fact, is the hydrogen content – a lipid has more hydrogen than oxygen.

2. Every Day Use

If you have wax, then you have lipids. They’re used in many ways to make life easier. Candles made from wax are a common use for lipids, but candy that has beeswax as an ingredient also has lipids in the food item. Chewing gum and nail polishes are also common products that contain high levels of lipids.

3. It’s Good For You

Fats are actually a good thing for you to eat. The problem is that many people eat too many bad fats and not enough good fats. Lipids help with the strength of cell membranes, so a few fats in regulation are absolutely necessary for good health. As with any food product, too much isn’t as good for you, but a good diet can be up to 30% of fats that can lipids.

4. Cancer Causers

Eating a lot of saturated fat can put you at an increased risk of several diseases. The two most common issues are heart disease and cancer. That’s why eating lipids that are unsaturated are much better for you. These lipids can be found in fish, nuts, and many different types of vegetables.

5. Lipids Are Drugs

One of the most interesting groups of lipids there are today are steroids. These are used in diverse ways and may be abused by those who are looking for a competitive edge. At its core, steroids are essentially hormones that are taken out of cholesterol. If you have a plant-based diet, you can avoid cholesterol because it is an animal created item.

6. Store the Energy

Lipids are involved in the processes of how the human body stores energy. Because it maintains the structural integrity of cells, these tiny helpers are able to adjust the biological processes of the body and maintain its overall balance. Fat molecules contain 9 calories per gram, which is more dense than a standard carb, which means when the body needs fuel, the calories from the stored fat lipids are released.

7. They Harden

If you’ve got arteries that are trying to harden on you, then what you’ve really got is a lipids problem. Monosaturated and trans fats both have lipids that can cause these problems over time when they are consumed in excess.