6 Pros and Cons of Donating to Breast Cancer


Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent cancers in the world that affects mostly women, though it has been known to appear in men as well. Much like any other type of cancer, the treatment process can be long, tedious, and nerve wracking for even the strongest individuals. Researchers and scientists have spent years looking into a cure for cancer and although their work has shown some progress, there are many aspects of the disease that are still unknown. By donating to breast cancer, you will be giving patients and researchers the support that they need.

Transportation and Lodging

The money that you put into charitable foundations for breast cancer help to give transportation and lodging to patients who are unable to afford such luxuries on their own. If they are receiving treatment from a hospital that is far away from their home, they may not have friends or family members that they can stay with. Since they’re paying for treatment, they may not be able to afford a hotel. This is where your donations come into play as it will give these patients a comfortable place to stay (for free) while receiving treatment.

In terms of transportation, there are shuttles that have been developed to help get patients to and from the hospital during their treatment times. Instead of having to try to drive a car under the influence of many different drugs, they have a reliable source of transportation.


These interactive communities are essential for people suffering from breast cancer as it helps to give them hope for a new life. There can be a wide variety of different workshops available from teaching patients how to cook healthier to teaching women different beauty techniques to deal with the aesthetic issues that are a side effect of their treatments. In these workshops patients will be able to talk to one another about their experience and feel like they are part of something much larger. This mental positivity is necessary when facing such a terrible disease.

Scientific Research

Above all, your donations will be going towards scientific research into developing a cure for breast cancer. Imagine all of the cancer centers in the world and all of the researchers that are working towards a cure. This inevitably costs money, and a lot of it. When people donate to breast cancer, it gives research facilities the money that they need to continue trying to find a cure.

Where Does the Money Go?

One of the largest issues that people may have with donating money to not only breast cancer but any charity is the fact that they do not know where the money is going. Even though a particular foundation may say that their earned proceeds will go towards a variety of different things, there isn’t proof to show that all of the money donated goes towards a specific cause. This can be worrisome and is why you should always consider donating through a reputable charity that you have heard about before.

There is also the issue of “Pinkwashing”. “Pinkwashing” is where a company will display breast cancer ribbons or say that they promote research for breast cancer in order to get more customers to buy products from them. When in reality, the products and/or services that they offer increase the risk of people developing breast cancer. This problem is extremely prevalent in today’s society.

Can You Afford It?

Donating to breast cancer isn’t like buying a chocolate bar from a student selling them for their little league. At times, donating to breast cancer can be expensive and you may not be able to afford it. As an example, some companies may state that donations start at $100.00 which is a hefty price to pay. On the other hand, some cancer foundations offer donators the opportunity to buy inexpensive merchandise and the proceeds will go towards breast cancer research, such as keychains or bracelets.

Eliminating the Assumptions

It is an incredibly common thing that donators assume that their money is going entirely to cancer research when instead it could be going to the above mentioned programs and tools for cancer patients. The money that you put into the cause may help other missions as well such as giving patients the preventative care that they need. This is another place where research needs to come into play. Aside from finding a reputable company that you have heard about before, you also need to look into where your money will be going once you begin donating to the charity of your choice.

Donating to breast cancer is not only a good thing to do but it also helps patients to deal with one of the most difficult things that they will have to go through. From beauty workshops to self-help groups, your money will surely be put towards a good cause.