6 Major Accomplishments Of Napoleon Bonaparte


Napoleon Bonaparte is hailed as one of the greatest rulers, military commanders and conquerors in the history of mankind. He is also infamous for plundering wealth and building a massive personal fortune. However, every coin has two sides. Napoleon Bonaparte was the outcome of the socioeconomic and political crisis that existed in France towards the end of the eighteenth century. There was inflation, unemployment, religious problems and financial crisis. The society and people at large were benefited by some of Napoleon Bonaparte major accomplishments.

1. Napoleon Bonaparte succeeded in finding a midway between religious leaders and revolutionary reforms that urged the nationalization of lands and assets owned by the church. Catholic was made a state religion but the concordat of 1801 also assured freedom of worship. Frenchmen could own land and even transfer their properties. He relinquished feudalism. He was a skilled administrator and that showed in how he structured the administration of France. He curbed down on corruption, inefficiency and embezzlement. He centralized the administrative departments and had mayors and prefects to govern the communes and departments. The officers were directly appointed by him and were thus loyal and also accountable to him. He succeeded in maintaining law and order.

2. Napoleon reformed the education system. He is considered as the harbinger of modern French education. He brought in semi military schools, secondary schools and specialized education focusing on science, math, political and military science.

3. Napoleon improved the commercial and industrial sectors. He made trade restrictions lenient, reduced corruption and enhanced support from the government. Loans were made available from the Central Bank of France. He encouraged trade and small businesses that attended to the problem of unemployment.

4. Not only did Napoleon Bonaparte succeed in restoring peace, the rule of law and cordial order in the society, he also managed to promote agriculture. His government started spending on agriculture, brought in land reforms, promoted better drainage systems and the use of various kinds of modern methods of farming. Under his reign, France recorded a staggering growth in the production of food crops.

5. Napoleon changed the tax system. People were fairly taxed, assessed based on their assets and what they truly owed. Discretion and any kind of predatory taxation were not permitted. People could directly pay their taxes, thus avoiding corrupt officials and siphoning of funds.

6. One of the finest Napoleon Bonaparte major accomplishments was The Code Napoleon. The Code Napoleon was a set of laws. There was the criminal and civil code, commercial and military code along with penal code.