6 Extroverted Personality Traits


Most people are either introverts or extroverts but some are a combination of both depending on the situation. Extroverts are outgoing. They seek the companionship of others. They jump right into leadership roles.

They volunteer quickly. They can seemingly easily stand up and speak to others. They feed off the energy of other people. They need companionship in some cases that need is constant. They are most comfortable in a group.

Extroverted Personality Traits include being able to approach strangers and strike up conversations. They tend to trust and like people. They also tend to be optimistic and open minded about new situations.

They are adventurous and often viewed as free spirited. They make great sales people. They seek out social situations so that they can feed off the energy of being around people.

The Down Side

Extroverted Personality Traits unfortunately also include the NEED for constant companionship. They can also suffer from anxiety when they are left alone for too long. They seek out companionship sometimes with the “wrong” people.

They enjoy being the superstar or the star attraction in group settings so their behavior can be somewhat impulsive which of course can lead to problems in the work place, personal relationships and in extreme cases the law.

Extroverts can be impatient with other people. They have a natural leader instinct and like to take charge of event planning or even team projects at work. They do not have a high tolerance for what they perceive to be dilly dallying when they are in charge of a plan. They also do not have a high tolerance for other people that may actually be “in charge” of the plan.


Being an extrovert can serve you well if you can harness in some of that energy and learn to be alone sometimes. One of the key things that any extrovert can benefit from is learning how to relax and letting go.

While the desire to push through, organize and take the lead is very powerful, reigning it in on occasion will help you to get along better in the world.

The perfect job for an extrovert is in sales or any position that requires you to work with the public. Extroverts make great teachers, doctors, nurses and lawyers just to name a few career fields with this type of personality trait can help you to flourish.