6 Best Ways to Correct Bad Posture



Effects Of Posture On Your Spine

Your Posture has a major effect on your spine because your spine has three basic curves in it. This is designed to hold up the weight of your body and distribute it for certain movements. These arches much like an arch on a bridge distribute the weight for less stress on the spine. The three curves of your spine is the upper curve that is located in your neck at the top of your spine called the cervical curve. The middle curve which is located in your upper back called the thoracic curve. And the third curve is located at bottom of your spine, lower back area, called the lumbar curve.

Benefits of Good Posture

Having good posture while standing or sitting means your head center, shoulder center, and hip center are lined up in one straight line. When all three of those centers are in a straight line is reinforces the curves of your spine. In return it reduces the stress on your joints, muscles, discs, and ligaments. To achieve the best position for your spin bring your shoulder up directly above your hips, pull your chin up slightly and look straight forward.

Different Types of Postures

They are different types of postures for everyone, like mothers, kids, and outdoor workers are just to name a few.

Posture of Mothers
Typical postures for mothers are the forward head posture which is a posture that happens during pregnancy. You hips will realign as your body changes and grows for the baby. This results in uneven hip posture which is where your shoulders and hips will become uneven from carrying your child or baby on your hip often. Then we have the pelvis forward type which is where your pelvis moves forward from carrying children on your front. This posture increases your lower spinal curve or the thoracic curve.

Kids Posture
Kids posture varies from thoracic posture which can cause pain in their backs caused by certain sporting activities and heavy backpacks. Uneven hips is another and it is caused by children carrying their backpack on one shoulder instead of using both straps and having the backpack on the center of their back. Then we have the slouch, young children that play sports such soccer tends to suffer from this one.

Posture of Working Outdoors
People that typically work outdoors can suffer with certain pains from constantly bending over, picking up heavy loads, digging, carrying, and pushing heavy objects. These are called round shoulders, dowager’s hump, and rotated hips or also known as uneven hips.

Correcting Your Posture

Correcting your posture can be very easy in certain situations. When lying in bed sleeping on your side or back can help with your posture. At the office keeping your collarbone and cheekbones aligned in the same plane. Try avoiding head posture that is forward. Take a break to stretch ever 1 to 2 minutes. Also exercising regularly on a daily basis can increase your posture.