5 Major Accomplishments of the Zhou Dynasty


Without a doubt, the accomplishments of the Zhou Dynasty were extraordinary. Ruling from approximately 1027-256 BCE, they controlled a significant amount of territory. The dynasty also gave way to some major achievements. As far as some historians and other individuals are concerned, this dynasty accomplished more than any other dynasty. While this is certainly up for debate, you can make the choice for yourself by considering some the major achievements of the Zhou Dynasty.

1. They Oversaw The Creation Of The Chinese Philosophies

As far as many people concerned, this is the greatest achievement of the Zhou Dynasty. Between late 500 and 400 BC, the development of many notable, crucial Chinese philosophies began to take hold. This list would include Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism. These philosophers came about at a crucial time in Chinese history. At that point, there was a great deal of turmoil within the borders of this country.

2. They Refined The Calendar

One of the most impressive accomplishments with the Zhou Dynasty was what they did with the calendar. It was in this time that the Zhou Dynasty made some minor additions and refinements to the calendar of the time. These changes/improvements would have a vast of array of impacts upon the future.

3. They Opened The Door To Hydraulic Engineering

The reign of the Zhou Dynasty involve a wide range of accomplishments. Many of these accomplishments involve certain practices or ideas that would have significant influence over several different aspects of Chinese life. Although far more significant advancements would be made later on, there is no question that if the Zhou Dynasty had not been responsible for introducing hydraulic engineering, which proved to be enormously useful, those more significant developments would not have been possible.

4. They Were Responsible For The Compass

At some point during this important era of Chinese history, the compass was invented. While the time period in which this could have occurred is so vague, it stretches out over a century and change, it is almost certainly believed that the compass was created under the Zhou Dynasty era. There are a number of additional factories surrounding the era and this invention that you’ll want to keep in mind.

5. Established Feudalism

This is yet another major accomplishment of the era. Under this system, land is given in exchange for support. This support can be realized in a variety of ways, such as military or general loyalty. Nonetheless, this concept defined the era.