5 Major Accomplishments of Queen Hatshepsut

Queen Hatshepsut accomplished an extraordinary amount, over the course of her remarkable life. She ruled during a time in which it was highly uncommon for females to occupy any significant position of power. Keeping this in mind is certainly going to give you a clear indication of how important this woman is to history.

1. She Was Born Into Royalty

As the daughter of King Thutmose I, there is no question that Hatshepsut was destined for a life of comfort and royalty. However, her family tree was not an inherent indication that she would be allowed to rule. This is important to note, as Hatshepsut would quickly rise to power at an extremely young age.

2. She Became Queen of Egypt

When her father died, Hatshepsut married her half-brother Thutmose II. They would have one son. When Thutmose II died at a relatively young age, their son took the throne. Naturally, Hatshepsut worked as the regent for her infant son. It fell to her to make decisions regarding affairs of stare, until such time as he could become the next ruler.

3. She Became A Pharaoh

Tradition had it that after the son came of age, the regent would step aside. However, Queen Hatshepsut made a move that would serve to surprise everybody. She would appoint herself the new Pharaoh, and she would go on to become the co-ruler of Egypt with Thutmose III. While there is a great deal of speculation as to why she made such a bold move, modern historians believe that it was because she wanted to save the throne for her son. It has been suggested that a significant threat to the throne emerged from rivals, and that something needed to be done to protect what her family had achieved.

4. She Proved Herself Over And Over Again

Not surprisingly, Queen Hatshepsut had to prove to everyone that she was entitled to the status of Pharaoh. She made it clear that her royal lineage ensured her position. She also sought to change her image by having herself portrayed as a man in the statues and paintings that were created during that time. Particularly in terms of the area known as Thebes, Hatshepsut put together a number of extremely ambitious building projects.

5. She Authorized Impressive Trading Ventures

In cooperation with the land known as Punt, Hatshepsut opened one of the most beneficial trading agreements of the era. Enormous riches were brought back to the lands as a result.