5 Major Accomplishments of Philip II


There is no question that Phillip II played a significant role in English history. This is certainly something that should be kept in mind, as one considers the major accomplishments of his life. As you are going to discover, Philip II accomplished a great deal, over the course of a notable, fascinating life.

1. He Was Born Into Power

While Phillip II would certainly achieve power on his own, there is no question that he was born into a significant amount of power to begin with. He was born in 1527 to the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. His mother was Isabela of Portugal. There is no question that even from an early age, he was destined for greatness.

2. He Became King Before His Father Died

In many cases, a son must wait for the father to pass, before he can take the throne. Phillip II was an exception to that notion. He became king before his father died. He quickly moved from this point to consolidate his power. However, it’s worth mentioning that at the time he became king, Phillip II had already been “gifted” Naples, the Netherlands, Sicily, and Milan by his father.

3. He Got To Be King Of England For A Little While, As Well

In 1554, King Phillip II married Mary I of England. The second of Phillip’s four marriages would prove to be the most beneficial to his rule. For a brief period of time, he also had the ability to rule as the King of England. He desired to return England to being a Catholic country, although he was ultimately unsuccessful in this venture. He also had a notorious distrust/dislike of the English, owing to people like Drake and Raleigh.

4. He Waged Numerous Wars

The name Phillip II will be forever tied to some of the most brutal conflicts of the time. He eliminated an uprising of Protestants in the Netherlands, destroyed the Turkish navy with one of the most powerful navies in the world, and even found time to conquer Portugal. It is worth noting that upon capturing Portugal, he took its throne.

5. He Tried To Wipe Out England

Phillip II went to the end of his days fighting the English. Beyond sending the Spanish Armada to invade England, Phillip II also waged a brutal, long war against the Huguenots of France. In the end, he accomplished a great deal. On September 13th, King Phillip II died and was laid to rest.