5 Major Accomplishments of Paul Revere


The story of the Revolutionary War must consider the name Paul Revere. While this complex story has many heroes and villains, the figure of Paul Revere remains largely unknown to a great many people. They know the name, but they do not really know that much about what the man accomplished. To be sure, he accomplished a great deal, over the course of his remarkable life.

1. He Was A Colonist From The Very Beginning

Paul Revere spent his life as an ardent colonialist. This would make sense, given that he was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1735. He would call Boston his home for the whole of his life. As the city would eventually play a key role in the Revolutionary War, the native Bostonian would be right there at the forefront.

2. He Was An Accomplished Silversmith

Although Paul Revere would later become known as a folk hero of the colonies, he was also highly accomplished in his field. He apprenticed with his father, and then became very successful on his own. In addition to supporting his mother and other family members, Revere also supported his own wife and children. He married twice and produced an impressive sixteen children. He also worked as an engraver and dentist.

3. He Rose To The Challenge

As time went on, Revere found himself with a thriving business. However, the city itself continued to struggle against the relentless tide of British tax policies. Revere understood that with time, his own business could wind up becoming negatively impacted by these policies. Upon joining up with the Freemasons, Revere would begin the planning process of what would eventually be the greatest act of defiance to date.

4. The Boston Tea Party

Along with several other activists, Paul Revere dressed as a Native American, and perpetuated one of the great acts of American defiance. Known as the Boston Tea Party, this would be the incident that would set off an extraordinary chain of events. However, this was not going to be the only major accomplishment of Paul Revere’s remarkable life by a long shot.

5. The Midnight Ride

On April 18th, 1775, Paul Revere rode to Lexington. The purpose of this ride was to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock that the British were coming. The ride was a successful one. It is considered to be one of the most significant aspects to the entire Revolutionary War. With that ride, Paul Revere took a place in history.