5 Major Accomplishments of Constantine the Great


As the first Roman emperor to convert to Christianity, Constantine the Great will forever have a significant place in history. However, as you learn more about this remarkable figure, you’re going to discover that over the course of his life and rule, he accomplished a great deal. The more you learn about Constantine the Great, the more excited you are going to become about what he brought to Rome, and to history as a whole.

1. He Distinguished Himself In The Roman Army

After growing up in a privileged-but-restrained home, which included a fine education, Constantine made his way into the Roman army. Over the course of the next several years, he would distinguish himself as a warrior and leader of note.

2. He Witnessed The Persecution Of The Christians

It was during his time with the Roman army that Constantine witnessed the horrors of Christian persecution. He also saw the persecution of Diocletian during his time with the army. Both of these events would serve to have a major impact on the man. This impact would later be fully realized during his rule of the Roman empire.

3. He Survived Repeated Attempts On His Life

When Galerius took power, he saw both Constantine and his father as potential threats to his rule. It is believed that during this point in time, Galerius made several significant attempts on the life of Constantine. Obviously, he failed in all of these attempts. It is believed that the natural cunning and toughness of Constantine are the elements that allowed him to endure the torments/attempts of Galerius.

4. He Became Emperor

After fleeing with his father to Gaul in the Western Roman Empire, he was eventually named Emperor of the Western Roman Empire. After strengthening his hold over Spain, Gaul, and Britain, Constantine set to work on building roads, buildings, and other essentials. As time went on, he became increasingly powerful. He brought an end to Christian persecution, and established himself as a formidable, beloved leader. He began to conquer additional lands, strengthening his reserves to an even greater degree. Eventually, he took Rome, and became Emperor to the entire empire.

5. He Built Constantinople

It stands to reason that the greatest accomplishment of Constantine was the construction of the extraordinary city known as Constantinople. He built a number of impressive structures, over the course of his life. By far, the creation of the city was his greatest accomplishment in this particular area of interest.