5 Major Accomplishments of Andreas Vesalius


Andreas Vesalius accomplished a great deal, over the course of his extraordinary life in medicine and physiology. During his life, he made contributions that changed both of those fields forever. To consider where we stand in the present with both medicine and physiology, we must look to the accomplishments of Andreas Vesalius.

1. He Found Some Major Discrepancies In The Work Of Galen

In the writings of Galen, Andreas Vesalius found some major discrepancies. This was particularly true in terms of how Galen’s works compared to the actual human anatomy. Through his own research, Andreas Vesalius began to realize that the main problem could be found in the fact that most of Galen’s work and opinions came from animal dissections. Upon realizing this, Vesalius set to work on making vast corrections.

2. On the Structure of the Human Body, or De Corporis Fabrica.(1543)

In response to his research on the writings of Galen, Andreas Vesalius published a work entitled On the Structure of the Human Body, or De Corporis Fabrica. This work was designed to make fundamental corrections to the writings of Galen. On that front, the book was extremely successful.

3. He Changed The Way We Look At The Human Body

It was Vesalius who made the argument that in order to properly treat the human body, we needed to be more aware of the human body. This meant examining the body through examinations and dissections. More to the point, he argued that these things must be done repeatedly, in order to maintain the most accurate, compelling records possible. It is crucial to understand just how important this development was to the story of modern medicine.

4. He Became A Court Physician

One of the most important things Vesalius accomplished during his professional life was being appointed a court physician. He was appointed to the court of Margaret of Austria. What this means is that not only was a professional success for Vesalius, but that it also means he was very highly regarded in his era.

5. He Got A Pension

When Phillip took over the kingdom from his father Charles V, he was grateful to Andreas Vesalius. In fact, he was so grateful to the forty-one-year-old physician, he gave the man a lifelong pension. Even better, he granted title to Andreas Vesalius, who lived out the rest of his years in considerable comfort. He died a powerful man who was celebrated for his many contributions to the world of medicine.