4 Major Accomplishments of Pocahontas


Pocahontas is historically famous because she saved the life of the English Captain John Smith. That was certainly a noble deed but there are other Pocahontas major accomplishments that speak volumes about her life and who she was, how she perceived the world and what she did for her tribe.
Here are some Pocahontas major accomplishments.

1. Born in 1595 in Werowocomoco.

Pocahontas was the one of the hundred children of the tribal leader Powhatan. She grew up in Eastern Virginia and was reportedly the favorite child of her father. Born as Matoaka, Pocahontas took a different approach from other tribes and leaders in the New World when English colonialists and settlers started exploring Virginia. When the first group of settlers established the colony of Jamestown, they struggled to build their homes, to find food and basically to survive. Pocahontas helped the colonists to find supplies.

2. It was during one of her visits to Jamestown when she got introduced to Captain John Smith.

He learned the local language and the ways of the tribe. Pocahontas had reportedly developed an interest in Captain Smith, although there is little evidence suggesting any romantic relationship. It is believed that Pocahontas saved the captain from execution.

3. When Powhatan slaughtered the settlers after Captain Smith’s return to England, Pocahontas was asked to stay with the Patawomeke tribe.

As Powhatan went on his rampage, the English colonialists led by one Captain Samuel Argall came up with a plan to kidnap her. They succeeded in their plan and held her as a captive. However, reportedly she was treated well and it was onboard a ship where she was held captive where she learned about Christianity. Pocahontas was eventually christened in 1614. It is debated whether she accepted Jesus or she was compelled to convert in captivity.

4. Ended up in a relationship and subsequent marriage to John Rolfe.

If her relationship with John Rolfe during her captivity, subsequent marriage and having a son soon after is to go by then Pocahontas indeed had the free will to convert or to reject Christianity. The Pocahontas story became popular after she went to England with John Wolfe and their son Thomas. She came to know that Captain Smith was alive. She blended in the social circles of London. She met the king and queen. She became a toast for the elite of London in a way. She attended dances and banquets and it is obvious that her stories became popular all across England.