3 Major Accomplishments of Clara Barton


When you look back on the accomplishments of people throughout history, some have made more of an impact than others. There have even been those that have overcome more obstacles to do so. Clara Barton was a woman living during a period of time when the rights of women were suppressed to a degree, but this did not stop her from making big contributions to society. It is time that you learned about the major accomplishments of Burton. Here are some of the major accomplishments of Clara Burton:

1. Civil War Contribution

When the Civil War took place in 1861, Burton was working in Washington DC at the time. There was an infantry that was attacked in the area and Burton did not waste any time providing aid. She brought supplies from her home to take care of those that were injured. This was something that cam naturally to her and she quickly determined that providing aid to others was her calling. Helping people that were in need gave her a sense of fulfillment and allowed Burton to feel that she was needed in some way. Providing aid during the civil war was just the beginning of her long career.

2. Red Cross

The Red Cross is still in existence today and provides medical supplies and care to those that are most in need. When a disaster strikes, it is the Red Cross that helps provide the aid that is given. Clara Barton’s biggest accomplishment is creating and establishing the Red Cross. When she started the Red Cross is was not the same organization that it is today, but she was the one that built it up to what it has become over the years. She became the president of the Red Cross when it was formed and was the person that helped to establish local chapters of the red Cross all over the country. This helps to provide more aid in the event of disaster.

3. Speaking on Aid

When Barton was growing up she was extremely shy, but she was able to overcome this shyness as time went along. She spent a good portion of her life traveling and speaking on the topic of aid and how organizations can work together to provide the aid that is required in the event of a disaster. She dedicated her life to those that were in need and those that needed a helping hand along the way.