11 Interesting Facts About Polio

11 Interesting Facts About Polio

One of the scariest diseases that humanity has ever encountered his polio. Polio is a disease that can strike a person of any age, but it usually strikes children who are unvaccinated against the disease today. This virus affects the entire body, including the nerves and the muscles. There are three types of polio and they are named based on the results that they caused in the human body.

1. Non-paralytic polio: this form of polio does not lead to any form of paralysis.
2. Spinal-paralytic polio: this polio can result in the paralysis of at least one limb for multiple limbs.
3. Bulbar polio: this is the most dangerous form of polio because it can cause issues with breathing, the circulatory system, or the ability to swallow food.

In 95% of the cases of polio, there are no symptoms that are experienced. The most common symptoms that are felt during an attack of polio are sore throat, headache, fever, and diarrhea. The reason why polio is scary is the fact that one in every 200 infections will lead to an irreversible paralysis that usually affects the legs. Up to 10% of patients who experience paralysis end up dying from polio because their breathing muscles have become immobilized.

Where Is Polio Found?

The polio virus is found in the body fluids of people who are sick. It can be spread direct contact with someone who had polio, looting from the exposure of a cough or a sneeze. When food or water products are supposed to someone who is infected with polio, it will contaminate those items. This is why it is so vaccinate children and adults against virus. There are four different virus.

Children who are five or younger make up the vast majority of people who become infected with this virus every year. This one demographic makes up half of all active infections. The good news is that polio cases around the world have decreased by more than 99% in the last 30 years. In 2012, there were only 223 total cases reported around the world. Only three countries in the world remain at risk of polio infections.

There Is No Cure For Polio

Way to prevent polio by way of vaccination. Until everyone has received vaccination, even with the small amount of risks that are associated with the vaccination, the virus will continue to remain alive. Polio might be a distant memory in much of the world today, but it is up to each of us to make sure that this virus does not continue to cause it. Polio can be completely eradicated. It cannot survive for long outside of the human body.

Polio positions were available, this virus was responsible for paralyzing 20,000 people every year. It killed, on average, 1000 more people every year and left countless others disfigured. The risk of the vaccine are clearly outweighed by the rewards. The country of India proves that vaccinations were. In 1985, they had 150,000 reported cases of polio. In 2011, they had just one.