10 Major Accomplishments of Lorenzo de Medici


The accomplishments of Lorenzo de Medici are notable and numerous. Not only was this man a leader of considerable power, but he was also an extraordinarily successful merchant, as well. Furthermore, the man was not just a successful poet. He also used his vast wealth and influence to function as a patron of artists and poets. In short, his life consisted of a great deal.

1. He Was Known As Il Magnifico

The accomplishments and talents of Lorenzo de Medici in his lifetime were so vast and impressive, people gave him a suitable nickname. He was known as Il Magnifico in his lifetime. There are a number of reasons as to why he might have been given this nickname. It would stand to reason that this came out of a combination of different things. In other words, it was a combination of his accomplishments and wealth. Truly, in his lifetime, his stature amongst his people was considerable.

2. He Was Born Into Chaotic Times

When Lorenzo de Medici was born, the major city-states that made up Italy were constantly in conflict with one another. Each of these city-states certainly believed that their singular significance was the greatest of all. Fierce political rivalries and/or economic rivalries were the norm for this era. It was into this period of time that Medici was born.

3. He Took Advantage Of His Wealth From The Start

Due to the fact that Medici’s father was seen by Medici’s grandfather as too weak for power and responsibility, the grandfather chose to focus his energies on Medici instead. As a result of this, and certainly because his family was wealthy and powerful, Medici had the opportunity to explore the finest education available. By a young age, he was extremely well-steeped in a variety of subjects.

4. He Began Writing From An Early Age

As a youth, Lorenzo de Medici took to writing. Given his background, and considering the time period, this certainly makes sense. Medici wrote poems and sonnets that were about numerous topics. Largely, they were about love. These poems and sonnets provided to be early indicators of the long relationship Medici would share with the arts, particularly with literature.

5. He Married Nobility

Taking advantage of his father’s advice, Lorenzo de Medici married Clarice Orsini. In doing so, his family created a powerful bond with one of the most respected, powerful families in the area. This union would prove to be beneficial for everyone involved on a variety of levels. If nothing else, it provided Medici with a foundation of power that would only become more significant with time.

6. He Took Over From His Dad

As mentioned before, Medici’s grandfather was concerned that Medici’s father Piero would pass at a young age. This prediction proved to be correct, as Medici’s father died while Medici himself was just twenty years ago. Upon the passing of his father, Medici was asked by a group of delegates to take up the influence his father had been wielding for a number of years. Without holding any actual public office, Medici would rule from behind the scenes. This was how his father ruled, as well as his grandfather.

7. He Significantly Increased His Power And Prestige

Right for the start, Lorenzo de Medici worked at the family business of increasing and maintaining power. His first major accomplishment in this arena involved a deal made with Pope Sixtus IV. The deal involved being given the opportunity to handle all of the papal finances. As one can imagine, this was a major coup for Medici and his family.

8. He Became Popular With The People Early On

In 1472, the area was facing a horrific potential famine. The harvest for that year was absolutely dismal, and it was not believed that anything or anyone could change that. Medici did indeed change that, by having tons of grain brought into the region. It was a costly move, but it was also a move that made him enormously popular.

9. He Threw Amazing Festivals

Believe it or not, but the fact that Lorenzo de Medici threw such spectacular festivals is definitely one of the great accomplishments of his life. The festivals would be put on at his own considerable expense. People loved him for it. They also loved the fact that these festivals brought together some of the most diverse, talented artists of that time period.

10. He Was A Shrewd Politician

Medici may not have held public office, but there is no question that he knew how to function and behave as an insightful, even cunning politician. At one point, he even gave away some of his power, which lead to the creation of the Council of Seventy. This only furthered his reputation as a man of the people.

These are just a few of the accomplishments Medici managed during his life.