Pros and Cons of Cyber Bullying

Pros and Cons of Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is known as harassment and online bullying by peers. This is considered as the largest online danger among kids. Social networking has really taken the culture of youth by storm. It also raised a lot of serious concerns to most parents for their tech-savvy teenagers. The reports on cyber bullies, online predators, ruined reputations and dangers have caused so much fear among parents. They also wonder how to be able to discuss with their kids regarding the issue.



The Pros of Cyberbullying

Here are the primary benefits of cyber bullying:

1. The primary benefit of cyber bullying is that the children can fight for their rights. They may also boost their courage and fight as well. Apart from it, they may realize that no one in this world should make them feel bad or down.

2. As for parents, they will be aware of the issues that concern their children. As the children are bullied, they can enforce and set restrictions and reasonable rules to be followed by their children. They can now implement rules in regard with the use of online technology. For instance, they cannot be allowed to make use of computer or laptop inside their bedroom, without their supervision and sight.

3. Parents and children can have an open relationship. They can talk and discuss more about the issue of cyber bullying. They may guide the children about the issue and advise more on what to do.

4. Kids can be educated in regard with cyber bullying and the things to avoid. They can learn the things to do once they are bullied online. They can make use of privacy settings for their online profile and can learn how to protect themselves online.

5. Teens can be guided in regard with the use of common sense and caution online. They can be reminded to think for several times before posting videos, photos and comments online.

6. The whole family can spend more family time together because they are available to talk and listen. They can be more engaged in resolving the problem.



The Cons of Cyber Bullying

Here are the primary issues associated with cyber bullying:

1. Threatening, vulgar and mean images or messages may make them afraid to face day-to-day life.

2. Cyber bullying may likely result to serious problems in the near future of the children. It may also result to suicides among teens.

3. Other children tend to be discouraged and manifest aggressive behavior. There will be psychological effects on the part of the children. The effects can be very damaging that they may result to depression.

4. Others lack the motivation to study even more and they do not likely attend to their classes.

5. At times, they seldom interact with friends and family. Even researchers also study certain effects on the social development of the kids. Others became socially aloof in interacting with kids.

What Do You Think About Cyberbully?

Cyberbullying may pose many disadvantages but it still has its benefits where family can remain intact and be united as one. It will result for them to have faith and solve the problem at hand.

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