Home Remedies For Stool Softener

Home Remedies For Stool Softener

The stools being produced are hard once a person is constipated. Since it is hard, it makes it hard to pass. The pain also leads to discomfort. In some instances, stools even remain in one’s rectal vault, which just increases the discomfort felt. The healthy way for a bowel movement is between 3 times daily and 3 times weekly. However, this becomes more difficult to follow if a person is constipated. Thus, the patient will need a stool softener. There are those that can be bought, which are already made. There are also home remedies for stool softener. If you prefer the natural remedy, the following options can help you.

The Top 4 Home Remedies For Stool Softener

1. Fiber
The lack of fiber is the primary reason why constipation is felt. But, having enough of this will make your bowel movement at ease as well. Doctors stated that everyone needs to eat lots of fiber to avoid and treat constipation. It helps in increasing the stool’s bulk. Thus, it helps the intestines in moving the stools efficiently. Fiber also enables holding more fluids within the stool, which is the reason that makes it softer as well as easy to pass. As one of the home remedies for stool softener, you will need to consume at least a couple cups of fruits and a couple and half cups of vegetables daily to soften stools.

You can add dietary fiber in consuming whole grain bread, dried fruit, beans, bran cereals and brown rice.

2. Intake of Fluids
Fluids do not have or only have little effect on the formation of the stool’s bulk. But it does become a primary reason for dehydration, which tends to harden stools. If your body lacks water, reverse the effect of dehydration by conserving the water. The body does by removing water from solid waste as stools passes through your intestines. Stools become harder as a result. That is why it is recommended to drink ten to eight glasses of water a day.

3. Exercise
The movement process starting from the stomach to your anus entails metabolizing of food products and removing of water. Once it stayed longer in the small and large intestines, the more water is removed, making stools much harder. This can cause discomfort the person. But there is a way to prevent this and that is through exercise. Performing exercises lead to stimulating the contractions in the intestinal wall. It reduces the time that stools remain in the intestines as well. By performing about 20 minutes of exercise daily, your digestion will be improved.

4. Flaxseed
It is one of the home remedies for stool softener since it helps in attracting water in your bowel. Flaxseed also breaks down stools that are hard for you to excrete easily. Again, you will need enough water to make this work. Just grind the seeds before consuming it since it gets more effective because more fiber is contained in the powdered form.

Aside from the home remedies for stool softener mentioned, it is also better to spend more time in the bathroom. Relax yourself and do not hurry things up. It will be easier to eliminate those wastes if you spend enough time doing it without pressuring yourself.

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