Famous People with Paranoid Personality Disorder

Famous People with Paranoid Personality Disorder

1. Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin was the former secretary general of Russia during the Russian revolution in 1971. This man was part of the world history and he played a very important role in the history of the World War II. Stalin is very strict with all of his policies while he was still one of the leaders of Soviet and Russian people. Traitors are not allowed to enter in his life. Stalin is a man who seeks for more power. This person was suspected to have paranoid personality disorder because of his unfair judgments and treatment to the other people.

Joseph Stalin exhibited all the characteristics of a person who is positive with paranoid personality disorder. Most of the time, this guy is not trusting all the people that surround him. Stalin is always looking at the actions of all the people who are working with him and speaking to him. Nobody can oppose his ideas and suggestions. Stalin is a merciless individual who will really attack enemies after securing enough evidences that are based on his own findings. These characteristics and behaviors of Stalin have turned him in to a good example of a paranoid person.

2. Saddam Hussien
This person was a former president of Iraq and everybody in this world knows his name. Saddam Hussein is one of the mortal enemies of American people. During the time when this person was still the leader of Iraq and its nation, a war between Iraq and United States occurred. One of the main reasons why the war happened is the unusual behavior of Hussein as a leader. Saddam Hussein was suspected to be one of the famous persons with paranoid personality disorder because of the sudden changes in his mood while dealing and talking to other people.

Saddam Hussein is a man who always shows doubt to all of the actions of his companions and other people that surround him. Most of the time, he believes that there are so many people who want to exploit his rights and reputation as a person. One of the best signs that he is positive with the so called paranoid personality disorder is the fact that he gets angry easily. Since Hussein is a man who does not want to trust the other people, any wrong action or move that can insult or hurt this guy can put the life of the offender in danger. One of the greatest proofs that he is a paranoid person is the behavior that he manifested after killing several American soldiers and personalities.

3. Richard M. Nixon
Most of the famous individuals who are being treated as paranoid individuals are those people who stand as leaders of different nations. One of the best leaders of United States was Richard M. Nixon. This man was the 37th president of the United States and based on his behavior and characteristics as a person, many psychologists considered him as an example of a person that has paranoid personality disorder. Nixon is a person who doesn’t listen to the explanations and ideas of other persons related to a certain accident or violation.