Coriolis Effect Definition for Kids

Coriolis Effect Definition for Kids


With the constant rotation of the earth, there are several things you should try to keep in mind. Perhaps one of the most interesting elements to the rotation of the earth concerns a phenomena known as the Coriolis Effect. If you are going to study science in a broad sense, you are definitely going to want to learn as much about this concept as you possibly can.

1. It Has Connections To So Many Different Areas Of Science

One of the most significant things to keep in mind with the Coriolis Effect is that it shares connections to so many different sciences. In fact, you can find the Coriolis Effect with just about science that deals in either the earth or planetary motions.

2. A Basic Definition

The most straightforward definition of the Coriolis Effect involves the noted effect of your Coriolis forces. This is particularly significant within the deflection of an object or a substance (air is a good example that moves along the surface of the planet. It is right-ward in the Northern Hemisphere, and it is left-ward in the Southern Hemisphere.

3. Understanding The Importance Of The Coriolis Effect

As mentioned before, the Coriolis Effect is vital to any science that deals in the earth or in planetary motions. The very dynamics of our atmosphere owe a significant amount to how we perceive and utilize the concept of the Coriolis Effect. Without what we know as the Coriolis Effect, we would not be able to put the motions of wind or storms into terms that we could understand. It is also worth noting that the Coriolis Effect is used in oceanography to bring understanding to the subject of oceanic current.

4. The Relationship To Wind Movement

The Coriolis Effect plays a fascinating role in wind movement. The general circulations of our atmosphere can provide us with an ample opportunity to better understand how the Coriolis Effect works. It is important to note that the Coriolis Effect does not do anything with the speed of the winds. The Coriolis Effect only deals in wind directions.

5. What About Ocean Currents

It is also important to appreciate the relationship shared by the Coriolis Effect and the currents of the oceans. Since a current is pushed along by the movements of winds across the waters, you can begin to see why the Coriolis Effect impacts the movement of these currents. This thought can also be extended to the subject of hurricanes.