Absolute Monarchy Definition for Kids

Absolute Monarchy Definition for Kids


There are many different types of government and power that can be in place. Democracy might be what we know, but this is not the only form of power that has been in place throughout time. An absolute monarchy is another type of government and it involves one person or king having absolute power and control over the people. The best way to understand an absolute monarchy is to dissect one of the most known absolute monarchies from the past.


There have been many leaders throughout history and some have been more notable than others. The way that many leaders are viewed is directly tied to their contributions and accomplishments that took place while they were in power. Hammurabi was born as the son to Sin- Muballit, who was the King of Babylon at the time of Hammurabi’s birth. This means that he was raised as the Prince of Babylon before he took over for his father as king. He grew up learning about Babylonian history and was groomed at a young age to take over the crown. It is said, that Hammurabi learned how to rule by watching his father and listening to his advisors. Even though Hammurabi was just one in a long list of kings, he made a tremendous impact during his rule. It is important that you are aware of all the accomplishments that are liked to Hammurabi.

Growing Babylonian

When Hammurabi became king of Babylon he was only eighteen years old. This means that he was fairly young and he was taking over a city-state that was not very large. Babylon was fairly small when Hammurabi first gained control and power. There were a lot of kingdoms that surrounded Hammurabi that were much larger than it was. This meant that Hammurabi knew that he had to try to maintain peace to ensure that Babylon would be safe and would not be attacked by other larger kingdoms. He also knew that Babylon would need to make treaties with the most powerful kingdoms to make sure that they were always protected.

This was a strategy that he developed early on and it helped to grow Babylon from small to a large kingdom. Once he knew that Babylon was safe from attack, he then went about building it in size and defense. This was done by strengthening the walls of the city and making sure that the irrigation system of Babylon was improved. As the city began to grow, it became more and more prosperous over time. This resulted in Babylon being one of the largest and most powerful kingdoms under Hammurabi’s rule. Many sons that take over as king for their father often have little success, but Hammurabi made a big impact right away in growing Babylon.